Garton family member 250 million Peak Baijiadao luxury duplex

Jiadun, a bread and biscuit producer that has accompanied many Hong Kong people, has rarely sold residential properties

According to the information of the Land Registry and the Companies Registry, the family members, such as Zhang Zheng, Zhang Liren and Zhang Shangyu, held the company’s ALTADENA HOUSE low-rise C-room duplex, No. 27, Peak Road, Peak, with a usable area of ​​4073 square meters. The parking space was sold at 245 million yuan, with a price of 60,152 yuan. Persons such as Zhang Zhengzheng, Zhang Liren and Zhang Shangyu bought units as early as 1996, but the Land Registry did not show the market entry amount.

In other large-scale luxury residential transactions, the agent said that the second floor of the second floor of Block A of Yunhui Building in Happy Valley, the practical area of ​​1953 square 4 rooms with a parking space just changed hands with 68 million yuan

the price of 34818 yuan, compared with a lower floor 2 room The same room 4 rooms were the same in January last year, costing 68 million yuan, reflecting that the unit cost has returned to nearly two years ago. The original owner was purchased in 2014 for 59.6 million yuan, and the book value was increased by 8.4 million yuan (about 14.1%).

According to the news, Room A, the middle floor of Block 10, BMW Hill Garden, North Point, has a usable area of ​​843 square meters and 3 rooms

The price is 20 million yuan. It has just been reduced by 900,000 yuan. It was sold for 19.1 million yuan. The price was 22,657 yuan. The price fell by 2.7 million yuan (about 12.4%) in three months. The original owner bought in 15.00 yuan in 2013 and earned 3.6 million yuan (about 23.2%) on the books.

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