Gold price rose 18%, gold stocks rose high

The US economic data was worse than expected

The market worried about the economic deterioration, which caused the interest rate cuts to heat up again. With the risk aversion, the price of gold rose to 1,500 US dollars per ounce. This year, it has risen 18%, see a 6-year high, and palladium. The increase was even more fierce. This year, it has accumulated more than 34%, and each ounce has exceeded a new high of $1,700. As for the gold-related shares, the SPDR Gold ETF (2840), the world’s largest gold exchange traded fund, closed 1.2% yesterday, at 1,108 yuan, and this year also increased by more than 17%.

The analysis believes that if the US economic slowdown exceeds expectations, coupled with trade and political uncertainty, it will support the Fed to further cut interest rates and even restart quantitative easing. Interest rate futures show an opportunity rate of another 0.25 percent cut at the end of this month. More than 70%. In the United States, or to cut interest rates again, and worry about the economic outlook, support the rise in gold prices. In addition, the analysis pointed out that gold ETF investors are more optimistic. Last week, positions increased by about 42 tons, the largest increase since June, and also provided support for gold prices.

Goldman Sachs had expected gold prices to see $1,600 earlier

Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Citigroup hope to look up to $2,000 in the next two years. Gold-related shares performed well yesterday, with Shandong Gold (1787) 2.8% and Zhaojin Mining (1818) up 2.6%. The two stocks were respectively 46.6% and 17.8%, respectively, which outperformed the HSI, which was temporarily up 1%. .

Budweiser exercises over 5.9 billion over-allotment

Budweiser Asia Pacific (1876) announced that it has exercised the over-allotment option in full, involving a total of approximately 218 million shares, representing approximately 15% of the total number of Global Offer Shares prior to the exercise of the Over-allotment Option. The Placing Price is RMB 27, which is an additional re-raising. 5.88 billion yuan, is expected to buy and sell on the main board next Friday. The stock broke through 30 yuan yesterday, and the high reached 30.05 yuan, but then turned down, closing at 29.6 yuan, down 0.3%, turnover of about 1.67 billion yuan, ranking sixth in the list.

According to foreign sources, the mainland “Shoe King" Belle International spin-off of its sports retail business, Bobo International (6110), will be priced at a price close to the lower limit of 8.5 yuan, and will be listed next Thursday. The offer price of the stock ranged from 8.3 to 10.1 yuan, and the total amount of the market’s subscription was about 950 million yuan. That is, the public offering part has been fully subscribed.

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