Governing the new wind to make up the tear

Governing the new wind to make up the tear

The opposition to the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Regulations has turned into a violent impact on the Legislative Council. The government and all walks of life must calm down and reflect on how to seek space communication so that things can be gradually eased. The dominance of communication is in the government, and it is necessary to act as soon as possible to rebuild mutual trust with the citizens.

Government arrogance is not equal to violence

The radical demonstrators blocked the Legislative Council building the day before yesterday, and some people rushed into the building to occupy and destroy public property. Violence clearly surpassed the bottom line of peaceful demonstrations, and most of the community yesterday severely condemned them.

Violent acts of violence violate the peaceful and rational demands of most demonstrators and are not accepted by the general public. However, some people still sympathize with it, and some believe that this is forced by the government’s arrogant attitude, saying that the Hong Kong Government ignores public opinion and hard pushes The amendments, faced with the pressure of the masses of the two large-scale demonstrations, suspended the amendments and apologized to the public, but the accused did not actively respond to the protesters’ five appeals after the 6.12 demonstration, which made the youth feel disappointed and frustrated. Means to express dissatisfaction.

In fairness, the middle class generally does not accept it. Even if the Hong Kong government is arrogant, the demonstrators can pass the peaceful bottom line and do not think that the five claims of the demonstrators are all reasonable and realistic, such as demanding the release of arrested demonstrators and revoking the charges.

Hong Kong is a society ruled by law. Some radical demonstrators use violence to attack police lines, attack police officers, and destruct the Legislative Council facilities. If there is sufficient prima facie evidence, the court should decide whether it is guilty and sentencing, instead of exerting pressure to remove the control and harm the rule of law. This is also clearly inconsistent with the demonstrators defending the banner of Hong Kong’s value.

In order to reduce public grievances and prevent the situation from deteriorating, the Hong Kong Government must respond vigorously to the five appeals. If it is unacceptable, it should be put down, and the law and mind should be carefully explained in detail.

For example, the issue of violence in 6.12 does require investigation. The demonstrators demanded the establishment of an independent investigation committee. The society was inconsistent, and the IPCC started its investigation yesterday. Lin Zheng expressed his support and will fully cooperate.

Reconstruct the relationship between the government and the people with concrete actions

As long as the government can reasonably explain it and respond to the public’s demands, it will help alleviate the public and some demonstrators’ grievances and hope to reduce violent conflicts. In the hands of the Hong Kong Government, Lin Zheng also promised to change the style of administration, listen to the public opinion, and make the future administration more close to the people’s feelings. He should immediately take concrete actions to repair the tears, rebuild the trust of the people, and truly start to unite the society and start again.