Merchants’ business is greatly reduced, and the government is responding to demands

The “Recovering the Yuen Long" parade will be held on Saturday

Many shops in the area are ready for the enemy, indicating that if there is chaos, it will be opened early to ensure safety. Some merchants have complained that since the incident of white rioters arrogant and innocent citizens on Sunday, the public has been scared to go shopping, and the business has been reduced by more than half.

Ms. Gao, who runs a clothes shop on the main road in Yuen Long, said that the market has been deserted in recent days

“The public is very concerned about the safety of the people. It is shocking to be irritated. When you buy it, you will leave. Try to go back to the street as soon as possible. Enterprises, dare to stay on the street." She said that her store business has been cut by more than half. “I have tried to pull the brakes on the morning of the 2nd (Monday), and the whole world has taken the sun (shopping)." As for the parade in the area, Ms. Gao pointed out that “the situation is ambiguous". “I accept all the people." She also believes that the Government must respond to the public’s demands and avoid social chaos.

MTR Heart War Room

Mr. Wen (pictured), manager of another restaurant, said that the restaurant business is mainly for dinner, but the number of people in recent days has decreased by more than half. He is worried that the parade of the next day may further affect the business. For the time being, he will only be able to “see the move" and hope that the government can resolve social disputes as soon as possible. Mr. Wu, who sells snacks such as egg yolk, also said that the shop had closed early, and he even “resolved the number of losers". I believe that Saturday “will definitely do business." As for the YOHO MALL where a white rioter hits a person, one of the pet supplies store staff, Ms. Di, said that the crowds in the shopping malls have been relatively quiet recently. “The business impact must be there, but the safety is critical." It depends on the company arrangement and the neighboring situation, or On the day of the Saturday parade, the collective was opened.

MTR’s Director of Cars, Mr Lau Tin-sing, said that in response to the large-scale event in Yuen Long on Saturday, the MTR is closely communicating with the Police to study possible options to provide services to passengers. This includes reference to the earlier Kowloon Parade and the closure of some entrances and exits at the High Speed ​​Rail Station. Practice, and will add additional staff. The MTR will also set up two heart war rooms at the scene and at the Tsing Yi Car Service Centre. Ms. Jin Zepei, chief executive of the MTR, said that the law and order issue must always be handled by the police.

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