GRAND MONTARA plus yards, 5,000 votes, the fourth batch of 101 people raised the price of 1.5% per 15,500

GRAND MONTARA plus yards, 5,000 votes, the fourth batch of 101 people raised the price of 1.5% per 15,500

Gender MONTARA, the 7B issue of Tseung Kwan O, Tseung Kwan O Estate, was in full swing. The developer added 101 gangs yesterday and pushed for the third consecutive day. The average price of the discount was 15,491 yuan (to sunrise). Kangcheng 7A period to the highest discount of 22.5%, the same as the previous price, the average price of the previous price of 14,998 yuan rose 3.3%; the real estate cumulatively announced 404 price list, accounting for 504 total number of units Eighty percent. As of last night, the project accumulated more than 5,000 votes, calculated by the number of units of the published price list, over 11.4 times over the purchase, expected to be the first round of sales on the weekend.

Since last Thursday (20th), GRAND MONTARA has released 4 price lists in the past 5 days. The 4th price list launched yesterday involves 101 people, the practical area is 346 to 789 square meters, and the discounted price is 5.998 million to 1351. Ten thousand yuan, the average real price is 15,491 yuan. Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said that the unit price added yesterday was raised by 1% to 1.5%. The sales arrangement will be announced as soon as possible, and it is expected to pick up the building this weekend. The project has accumulated a total of 404 gangs, with an average price of 14,749 yuan, of which nearly 30% of the unit’s discounted price is less than 8 million yuan.

Huang Guangyao is planning to pick up the building this weekend.

Huang Guangyao said that 70% of the project’s votes were for the last time the 7A MONTARA failed to purchase units. About half of the tickets came from Kowloon East, and about 20% came from Hong Kong Island. Nearly 100 groups have been collected. Big hand guest. The developer announced last night that it had temporarily received more than 5,000 votes last night to launch a total of 404 buddies, over 11.4 times. GRAND MONTARA, located at No. 1 Kangcheng Road, Tseung Kwan O, has a usable area of ​​346 to 789 square meters. It is expected to be occupied in mid-December 2021.

On the third round of the 26th round of the second round of the Tuen Mun Royal Mid-Levels will be released on Wednesday (26th). The developer Xindi (00016) will reissue the price list yesterday and increase the price of 10 open-end units by 1%. 00488) Yilan, a single-family project in Tsuen Wan, yesterday launched a new price list of 18 people, with an average price of 21,374 yuan, scheduled for sale on Friday (28th).

MOUNT NICHOLSON two housing sets of 1.12 billion

The new trading continued to record large transactions. Wharf (00004) and the second phase of MOUNT NICHOLSON, No. 8 Nie Ge Xin Shan Road, Nanfeng Development, had two bungalows. It was sold as a tender yesterday and was nearly 11.2 for developers. 100 million yuan. Among them, the practical area of ​​No. 21 house is 6,326 square meters, which is sold for about 539.89 million yuan, and the price is 85,188 yuan. The other house is house No. 22, and the practical area is 7008 square meters. It is sold for 5.8088.8 billion yuan, and the price is 82,889 yuan. The developer also launched the first two houses in the first phase, which are the 12th and 20th houses, with a saleable area of ​​7042 and 8093. They will be tendered on the 4th of next month.

Xinji (00083)’s Shatin Foshan Yulongshan sold 9 seats 63 and 65 on the top floor of Room B, Tianchi House, with a usable area of ​​2,488 square meters, with a 1105 square roof and a private pool on the rooftop. 30,547 yuan. There is only one top-level featured household to be undertaken.

New World (00017)’s North Point Park Ulsan sold two 32-story C rooms for 44.78 million yuan, which is a practical area of ​​1066 square meters and 3 flats. The price is 42008 yuan, and the price and the price are the same as the new unit of the same type; The project 3 households have all been cleared up.

The new disk was re-recorded yesterday. Poly Real Estate (00119) Kowloon East Kai Tak Lung Yuen Estate two groups, Room C, 35/F, Block 1A, Block E, 36/F, Block 36, at the transaction price, the developer has ordered About 815,500 yuan. The new market has temporarily recorded 14 cases in the month. The year-to-date has accumulated more than 190 cases.