Hairi Bay II pushes 5 featured households

Hairi Bay II pushes 5 featured households

After a round of large-scale new battles in the first-hand market, the deployment of new disks has slowed down slightly, and the surplus products have dominated the market. Baishijiao Hairiwan II has launched another five-member special households to bid on next Monday (8th), while Taipu Tianzhu has pushed the unit to the market.

A number of new projects will be launched in the form of tenders. The Baishijiao Hairiwan II of Yijing will launch another five groups. Next week, until August 30, the unit will be auctioned for 2 hours. This time, 5 groups of all-in-one households were launched, including duplex units, top-level units and underground gardens, with an area ranging from 243 to 2,828 square feet.

Tai Po Tianzhu will re-launch the main 3 rooms

In the case of Xinyi (00083), Yiyi Haihui also launched a unit bidding, which will start from 1 pm to 3 pm on Monday. The unit is a 8th floor, H room, which is a 599 square foot 2 room with 527 square feet.

On the other hand, China Overseas (00688) Tai Po Diamond will announce the latest deployment of the project later today. According to market news, the project will be re-launched by the city, and the main unit will be 3 units. If the price list is not less than 10% of the project, it will be re-launched at least 162.

New World (00017) Yuen Long recorded another 4 transactions yesterday, including 2 rooms in the A2 room on the 23rd floor, covering an area of ​​437 square feet, with a turnover of 7.235 million yuan, a record high. In addition, a group of buyers invested 8.634 million yuan to buy 2 groups, the unit is 8 and 9 floor A6 open-type households, the transaction price is 4.317 million yuan.