Haiyi is 12% lower at 17,000 per 10,000

The political turmoil continued, the property market atmosphere was also affected, not only the transaction was sparse, but also dominated by low market prices and reduced price trading

Among them, the middle-level households of Haiyi Haoyuan, the owners rushed to cash out due to immigration, reducing the price by 2.12 million. Every 17,000 hands change, the low market price is about 12%.

Li Jiage Assistant Division Manager Zeng Shuzheng said that the H-room of the 15th floor of the Hung Hom Lai King Mansion, with an area of ​​868 square feet, 3 rooms and 1 set of storage rooms, the owner originally opened the price of 17 million, because the immigrants cash out, they are willing to provide a larger The bargaining space has been reduced by 2.12 million, with a change of 14.88 million, a price of 17143 yuan, and a low market price of 12%.

Sea love 8.9 million sale

Liu Zhijia, the chief divisional sales manager of Zhongyuan, said that the G room at the lower level of Block 11 of Discovery Park in Tsuen Wan has an area of ​​493 square feet and a space of 2 rooms. It is sold at 6.88 million yuan, and the price is 13955 yuan, which is slightly lower than the market price.

In addition, in the same area, the love of the sea is 3C, the lower floor D room, with an area of ​​531 square feet and 2 rooms. The owner immediately resold the unit after the repossession in mid-July this year. The original price was 11 million, and the price was reduced by 2.1 million. 8.9 million transactions, the price of 16761 yuan, involving 890,000 yuan of 10% SSD tax paid by new buyers.

The first city price is 14,300

Agent refers to the high-rise E room of Yujing Peak in Sheshui, with an area of ​​431 square feet, 2 rooms separated, the original asking price is about 7 million, the final price reduction is 1.3 million to 5.7 million change hands, the price is 13225 yuan, and the low market price is about 8%.

The market refers to the low-rise C room of the 11th city of Shatian, with an area of ​​484 square meters and 3 rooms. After the bargaining, it will change hands to 6.95 million and the price will be 14360 yuan. Yang Haoran, Assistant Regional Manager of the United States, said that there are 2 high-rise A7 rooms in Ma On Shan Hui, with an area of ​​296 square feet, 1 room interval, and Wangshan Mountain. The original price was about 5.8 million, and then the price was reduced to 5.5 million, and the price was 18581 yuan.

Chen Weikang, the regional manager of Qifeng 21, said that there were 3 middle-floor D rooms in Dingqing, Fanling, with an area of ​​384 square feet and 2 rooms. After the price reduction, the price was 15.42 million, and the price was 13646 yuan.

Parkview Bay costs 9.68 million

Huang Qinglong, the chief divisional director of Hong Kong Real Estate, said that the 8th floor of the Olympic Station, Baijingwan, has a high-rise room with an area of ​​449 square meters. The owner originally sold about 10.5 million, and then reduced the price by 820,000 to 9.68 million. 21,559 yuan.

Huang Yongquan, assistant division director of Lijiage, said that the 13th high-rise G room in Shangyue, Yuen Long, has an area of ​​about 425 square meters, and the two rooms are separated. It was originally sold at 5.95 million, and the price was reduced by 150,000, and finally it was sold at 5.8 million. The price is about 13,647 yuan.

Shang Yue has a total of 13,600 yuan

Century 21 Qifeng Assistant Regional Business Director Zheng Dachang said that Maanshan Xingang City Phase 5 Haitaoju 4 high-rise Room B, with an area of ​​404 square feet, 2 rooms separated, the original price of the unit was 7.5 million, the price was 562,000, and the final was 6.938 million. Pull out, the price is 17173 yuan.

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