Half of business in recent months, no layoffs

The social dispute continues

The founder and chairman of the Central Plains Group, Shi Yongqing, accepted the radio interview. The real estate agency business of the group has also been reduced by more than half in recent months. However, the group has no plans to lay off employees and believes that it is a good time to expand market share. .

Expanding market share is a good time

Shi Yongqing pointed out that the social environment is not good and the real estate agency industry cannot make money. However, this is a good time to expand market share, so there is no plan to lay off employees.

He also pointed out that the recent rents of shopping malls will fall due to market conditions, but residential rents are still stable, and the owners are still optimistic about the market outlook, and there is no selling of properties. As regards the problem of property prices in Hong Kong, Mr Wing said that the property prices in Hong Kong have exceeded the purchasing power of Hong Kong people. They should divide the market and provide Hong Kong people with affordable purchases. He agrees that some private land building restrictions can only be sold to non-property Hong Kong people. It is also suggested that the Government should change the HOS lottery to a waiting list to show that it will increase supply to meet the demand of Hong Kong people.

At the same time, in order to increase land supply, it is recommended that the government should reduce the land premium of agricultural land to accelerate development

Shi Yongqing also mentioned that the investment immigration business of the group has recently been interviewed by a number of middle-class people, including Malaysia and Taiwan. However, it is only a lot of questions, but he thinks that “it may not be going" or “has not started" and pointed out Rich people have experienced the return of the 1980s and 1997.

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