Hang Seng Index 5 consecutive years, three and a half months longest

Hang Seng Index 5 consecutive years, three and a half months longest

Hong Kong stocks continued to rise in a narrow range. The Hang Seng Index rose for 5 days, the longest rise in the past three and a half months, and accumulated 503 points (1.8%). The Hang Seng Index softened after opening 29 points yesterday, slipped 65 points, and then rose up to 79 points. It was controlled by 100 antennas (28,637 points), closing up 64 points (0.2%), reporting 28,619 points, full-day volatility 145 points. The H-Share Index rose 26 points (0.2%) yesterday, closing at 10,865 points, and rising 215 points on the 5th. The turnover of the main board shrank to 65.5 billion yuan, less than 80 billion yuan for 9 consecutive trading days.

At 1:50 am, the Hang Seng Index reported 28,552 points, down 70 points and 68 points of low water. The ADR Hong Kong stock index was 28,480 points, 138 points lower than the Hong Kong dollar.

A-shares were soft, with the Shanghai Composite Index falling 4 points (0.2%) and closing at 2,937 points. Shenzhen Component Index fell 26 points (0.3%) to close at 9283 points; the two cities were quiet, recording only 352.4 billion yuan. Foreign capital yesterday absorbed a total of 1.01 billion yuan of A shares through Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges; Beishui entered Hong Kong stocks for 7 consecutive trading days, and yesterday, through the “Hong Kong Stock Connect" net purchase of 580 million yuan.

Hong Kong stocks are stable and there are speculations in individual sectors. The Mainland stepped up efforts to combat online gambling and stimulated gambling stocks. GEG (00027) and Sands (01928) rose 2.9% and 2.4%, the first and third largest blue-chip gainers, Xinyi International (00200) and Meigao. Mei (02282) draws more than 4%. Taking into account the special interest of Brilliance (01114), more than half of the total, a number of auto stocks were equally popular, BAIC (01958) bombs rose nearly 5%, Dongfeng (00489), Guangzhou Automobile (02238) rose about 2% and 3%.

Huang Zhiyang, director of Anshan Capital Asset Management Department, estimates that the market stagnation will be maintained for one to two weeks until China and the United States finalize the date of resumption of trade negotiations. The market outlook is expected to change significantly in the latter part of next week. The HSI is expected to continue at 28,000. Up to the 29000 points range.