Hang Seng Index fell 100 points

Hong Kong stocks fell for two consecutive trading days

The Hang Seng Index fell 119 points on the settlement date on Wednesday, closing at 26,667 points and falling below the 10-day moving average. There were a lot of penny stocks. Yesterday, there were three such stocks falling by 10% or more.

The Hang Seng Index fell for two consecutive days

More than 50% of the Pacific Ocean diarrhea

After the Hang Seng Index opened slightly lower by 19 points on Wednesday, it rose slightly. However, the market waited for the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. The Hang Seng Index turned around and fell by 183 points. The HSCEI once fell 98 points, closing 67 points to 10,479 points.

The total turnover of Hong Kong stocks was nearly 75.5 billion yuan, and the short-selling amount reached 11.557 billion yuan, and the short-selling ratio was 15.31%. Hong Kong stocks net purchase of 642 million yuan, “North Water" continued to buy 600 million yuan US group reviews (03690), but net exports of more than 400 million yuan Construction Bank (00939).

There were 953 stocks falling throughout the day. Among them, “three barrels of oil” , PetroChina (00857) fell 1.96%, being the worst performing blue chip, China National Offshore Oil (00883) and Sinopec (00386) fell 1.66% and 1.5 respectively. %.

Penny stocks did not run, Huisi Pacific (08147) plunged more than 53%, the largest decline in shares. China Zhuoyin (08039) also fell 34.77%, while China Digital (08255) and ITE HOLDINGS (08092) fell 27.42% and 26% respectively.

However, Shijiazhuang Group (01093) completed five consecutive trading days and closed at the highest level of 19.98 yuan yesterday, up 5.9%, being the best performing HSI constituent stock.

Brokers are going to leverage

Some brokers pointed out that since the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission tightened the new rules for brokerages, after the formal implementation earlier this month, some brokers tend to leverage. In the past, many investors mortgaged a company’s stock and fired another two or three penny stocks. However, with the tighter funds in recent months and the tightening of supervision by regulators, penny stocks have been difficult to speculate, and some investors with insufficient strength may not be able to cover their positions, resulting in significant fluctuations in the stock prices of penny stocks.

Many penny stocks plummeted

Guo Jiayao, vice president of Zhengrong Financial Business Department, expects that the Hang Seng Index will continue to move up at 26,200 to 26,700 points in the short-term. The market outlook will see the Fed’s interest rate and economic outlook after the interest rate decision, but the global central bank will release the water and the market outlook. Still optimistic.

Peng Weixin, head of the research department of Jinghuashan, is more cautious. He pointed out that the HSI volatility index has fallen in the past month. I am worried that I will turn around at any time. If the market loses interest rates in the future, we should guard against the low of 25,700 points.

Hong Kong stocks American Depositary Receipts (ADR) were also generally soft in the early part of Wednesday. HSBC Holdings (00005) reported 59.14 yuan, 0.06 yuan lower than Hong Kong; Tencent Holdings (00700) reported 314.2 yuan, 2 yuan lower, which is equivalent to the Hang Seng Index. 66 points.

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