Hang Seng Index fell below 26,000

The Hang Seng Index fell below the 26,000 mark yesterday, and Tencent (700) also lost its eighth trading day

Before China and the United States are about to launch a high-level trade talks, US President Trump will issue an “Eagle" remark on trade with China. The optimism of Sino-US trade negotiations has subsided, affecting the performance of the HSI, and it has repeatedly closed at 26,000. Lost 26,000, once again touched its mark since September 4, closing at 25,945 points, down 335 points; the H-Share Index closed at 10,168 points, down 102 points, the market investment sentiment was light, with a turnover of 75.5 billion yuan.

Affected by political factors, Sino-US trade negotiations are uncertain, and China and Hong Kong stock markets are soft

The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2955, down 29 points or 1%; the Shenzhen Index closed at 9671, down 140 points or 1.43%; the two cities totaled 525.8 billion yuan.

47 blue chip stocks “see red", among which heavy blue chip stocks have a greater pressure to take back. Tencent, the heavyweight stock repurchased for 20 consecutive days, dragged down the market trend. The stock price fell 2.15% to close at 328.4 yuan, and 6.06% in the eighth day; HSBC (005) fell 0.92% to close at 59.4 yuan; AIA (1299) fell 2.04 % closed at 74.5 yuan; three shares combined with low HSI 133 points.

Hong Kong Government increases its holdings in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Tan Changwei, co-director of Future Securities, pointed out that Trump’s news of hard-line speeches against China is not surprising, but it is inevitable that the market will fluctuate in the short-term. On the contrary, the US House of Representatives’s impeachment of Trump will have a far-reaching impact on the market outlook. It will influence the attitude of the US government toward China in the future and the continuity of relevant trade policies. In addition, as A-shares are about to begin the National Day holiday, the “water collection” in Beishui, and the Hang Seng Index have fallen below the key points of 26,700 points and 26,300 points, it is expected that Hong Kong stocks may fall under the yin and fall. Those should be cautiously wait and see, and then deploy after the National Day.

The Stock Exchange Information Platform (RNS) disclosed yesterday that the Hong Kong government’s shareholding in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (388) increased; as of the 23rd of this month, the Hong Kong Government held 76,800 shares of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, accounting for 6.12% of the issued share capital. The HKEx’s August interim results report revealed that until June last year, the government held approximately 78.84 million shares of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, with a shareholding of 5.94%. Since the government distributed two dividends during the period, if the government all used the shares to scrip, together with its The increase in shares is equivalent to 6.12%.

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