Hang Seng Index has risen for more than a thousand points

According to the market, the United States is considering withdrawing some tariffs against China

In addition, the stronger exchange rate of the RMB and investors will continue to “release water” in the Mainland, stimulating Hong Kong stocks to continue to break. The Hang Seng Index rose 136 points on Tuesday to close at 27,683 points, hitting a new high of more than three months, and rose for the fourth consecutive trading day, with a cumulative increase of 1,015 points.

The Hang Seng Index hit a new high in more than three months

US group rose to 100 yuan and fell

After the market opened slightly higher on 53 points on Tuesday, it once fell 83 points. However, Tencent (00700) supported it and once rose 185 points to a high of 27,733 points. The HSCEI closed up 64 points at 10,877 points, up 398 points in the past four trading days. Hong Kong stocks totaled 92.2 billion yuan on Tuesday, the most after October 11th. The short-selling volume exceeded 12.5 billion yuan and the short-selling ratio was 13.57%.

Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) netted $27.21 million on Tuesday and Hong Kong Stock Connect (Deep) net purchase of $763 million. “North Water" net purchase of 446 million US dollars group comment (03690), accumulated net purchases of 4.855 billion yuan in the past seven trading days.

The stock price of the US group entered the “red stock" on Tuesday. It rose 1.63%, seeing 100 yuan. Unfortunately, it was only a short-lived one. It once fell 2.64%, closing down 1.27% to 97.15 yuan.

Tencent Quick Release List Zeng Yi 1.9%

In addition, Tencent, which announced its third-quarter results next Wednesday, had a stock price up 1.95% at the end of the day. It was 334 yuan higher and closed at 1.65%, at 333 yuan. It rose for 4.48% in four consecutive trading days.

The RMB concept stocks continued to be sought after by funds. China Eastern Airlines (00670) and China Southern Airlines (01055) rose 2.91% and 2.71% respectively, while Lee & Man Paper (02314) rose more than 6%.

Hong Kong stocks American Depositary Receipts (ADR) were generally soft in early trading on Tuesday, Tencent reported 328.86 yuan, 4.14 yuan lower than Hong Kong; HSBC Holdings (00005) reported 60.24 yuan, 0.14 yuan higher, which is equivalent to the Hang Seng Index fell 125 points.

UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong) strategist Ye Guobang said that the central bank’s monetary policy tends to be loose, and liquidity improvement is the catalyst for the stock market breakthrough. However, whether the Hong Kong stocks can further break through will depend on whether the exchange rate issue and the cancellation of tariff decisions are in the first-stage trade agreement between China and the United States. After all, the decline of Hong Kong stocks in early August consists of successive falling gaps. Technically, the Hang Seng Index is at 27,800. There will still be a large profit margin before the point.

HSBC Global Research published a report that it is time to sell off risky assets. The bank pointed out that in recent days, many global stock markets have hit new highs and emerging markets have also outperformed. However, macroeconomic data is not enough to support the recent stock market rally. Global stock markets may call back in the coming weeks and propose to reduce stocks and high-yield stocks.

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