Hang Seng Index is unable to rise Hong Kong stocks through new arrogance

The People’s Bank of China “released water" failed to hold up Hong Kong stocks

The Hang Seng Index fell 9 points on Monday to close at 26,681 points. Although the “North Water” net purchases decreased by 30% on Monday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges successively announced the list of Hong Kong stock exchanges to be included and excluded, and some were included in the stock hot speculation. Among them, Hong Kong Stock Connect (Deep) “Xingui” Southern Energy (01573) shares surged 56.76%; China Oriental Education (00667) and Jinxin Reproduction (01951) were also included in the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Deep) and Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) stocks. The stock price has reached a new high.

Pedestrian “water release" failed to hold up Hong Kong stocks

After the Hang Seng Index opened 52 points on Monday, the increase was extended to 117 points, and the high was seen at 26,807 points. The high profit margin emerged and then fell 81 points. The HSCEI trend was similar. It rose 51 points in the early session and turned around in the afternoon. It closed down 13 points to 10,417 points. The total turnover of Hong Kong stocks was 72.5 billion yuan, and the short-selling amount was 11.844 billion yuan. The short-selling ratio increased to 16.36%.

In response to the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the Hong Kong Stock Connect will suspend trading on Wednesday and resume on September 16. Hong Kong stocks will only buy about 790 million yuan on Monday. Among them, “North Water" netted 252 million yuan Construction Bank (00939) and 116 million yuan Tencent (00700).

Huazhi closed down nearly 3%

Following the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s announcement of the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) adjustment list on Sunday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange said on Monday that due to the regular adjustment of constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Composite Large-Cap Index, Medium-Cap Index and Small-Cap Index, Hong Kong Stock Connect (D) The list of shares has also been adjusted, 22 shares have been added, and 31 shares have been removed, effective yesterday.

Guangze International (00989), which was removed from the Hong Kong stock market (deep), blew more than 40% on Monday and was suspended in the afternoon, pending the release of inside information. In addition, at the same time, the Chinese stocks (00127), which were kicked out of the list of Hong Kong stocks under the Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, plunged 3.39% on Monday, and closed at 2.85%, at 5.45 yuan.

However, Hong Kong Stock Connect “New" China Oriental Education and Jinxin Reproductive Shares rose more than 7% and 8.7% respectively. Bosideng (03998), which was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shanghai) stock list, also rose 5% to close at 3.15 yuan, a record of more than eight. The new year is closing at a new high.

Organic test 27300

Mr. Leung Wai-yen, executive director of UOB Kay Hian, said that despite the performance of large-cap stocks, individual sectors such as mobile phone equipment stocks and individual Hong Kong stock exchanges are trading in short-term funds. The Hang Seng Index still has the opportunity to test 250 antennas for about 27,300 points in the short-term. Level to fill the gap. As the PBOC RRR is effective next week, there will be a US Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates in the week, and the S&P A-share index and FTSE Russell’s benchmark index will be formally included in the A-shares and increase the A-shares. It is expected that the rebound of Hong Kong stocks in September will not be completed.

Shen Zhenying, chief executive of Xunhui Securities, said that the HSI could conditionally replenish the two gaps of 26,800 and 27,200 points. However, under the influence of negative factors, the rebound strength is weaker than expected. It is advisable to have a good food in this and two days, but you don’t have to rush to open a short position, and then deploy it after the signal of the corner is clear.

Hong Kong stocks American Depositary Receipts (ADR) were generally soft in the early part of Monday, Tencent reported 341.76 yuan, 0.64 yuan lower than Hong Kong; CCB reported 6.02 yuan, 0.01 yuan lower, proportional to the Hang Seng Index fell 36 points.

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