Harbour City memories

I remember when I was a child, my parents liked to take us to the harbour city of Tsim Sha Tsui

The family walked around and had something to eat for a whole afternoon.

The former Harbour City was a quiet shopping mall. Although there were no famous shops, there were many different kinds of shops. We will park the car in the rooftop parking lot overlooking the sea, then go to the Chong Chong Bookstore in the mall to “book nails", go to the restaurant for lunch, and have fun weekends.

After coming out of social work, I witnessed the transformation of Harbour City into a tourist attraction

It began to gather a lot of tourists, filled with noise, and opened many famous shops that would not be visited. Everyone walked quickly, and some even dragged the suitcase; the parking lot and the restaurant were stagnate, and the atmosphere was far from the quiet memories of the year. More than a month ago, after a few years, I came to this old place with my friends to drink tea. This time I was able to easily find the parking location and find the seat quickly in the restaurant.

Revisiting the old land again, the mood is very complicated. In addition to the feeling of responding to the tranquility of the old place, it is also embarrassing that economic growth has changed the ecology of the mall

I can’t help thinking about the economics I have studied. In fact, is the economic growth in our minds what it is today? Is it only the HSI and GDP growth that can lead our life satisfaction? Can a city rely on these values ​​to be successful?

“A seaport, there is only one Harbour City." What economic growth brings does not necessarily mean an improvement in the quality of life. This old revisiting, let me retrieve the memories of the harbor, and let me reflect a lot.

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