Shang Yue. The monthly average rent of the party is 11,500

Shang Yue. The monthly average rent of the party is 11,500

At the beginning of the second half of the year, the new building of the current building was completed one after another, and the market successively recorded new entanglement rental transactions. Among them, the “Boufang" is relatively popular among tenants because of its relatively low silver code. Henderson Land (012) is also owned by Yuen Long. Fang, the market recorded the first rental transaction, renting nearly 40 yuan.

Li Jiage Huang Yongquan said that Yuen Long is still happy. The low-rise E room has a usable area of ​​about 289 square meters. It is a one-bedroom open kitchen with a tenant rented by a tenant for a monthly rent of $11,500. It is reported that the owner bought the above units in December 2017 for about 3.89 million yuan, and the rental rate was about 4%.

Huang Yongquan added that the above is Shangyue. The first lease transaction after the party entered the company. At present, there are about 10 rents available in the estates. The minimum rent is $11,000 per month.

Yingfeng Real Estate Huang Yushi said that there are 7 high-rise H rooms in the center of the new Tuen Mun Centre. The practical area is 597 square meters. The three rooms are separated by a monthly rent of 14.5 million yuan. The rent is 24.3 yuan. Another owner of Yuehu Villa, after renting out the owner’s property in May this year, rented a 338-square-unit unit with a saleable area of ​​Siu Yuen Court in the same district for a monthly rent of $9,500. yuan.

15 disk fast-moving building, involving 8,822

In the second half of the year, the new building will burst into the tide. Q Fangwang expects that there will be as many as 15 new flats in Hong Kong in the next three months, involving 8,822 people. The New Territories has become the hardest hit area, accounting for more than 5,600, with a proportion of more than 60%.