“The price is the king." The market reaction is hot.

“The price is the king." The market reaction is hot.

“Dragon Bed" Tuen Mun Ching Yee revised the price list yesterday to reduce the price of the smaller unit. The main reason is that the price of the small unit was too expensive last year, and the price increase of the large unit is believed to bring the price of the two types of units closer. Level.

Jingjing’s opening in November last year was not as good as expected. The first price list was 73, and the market was finally released for 27 gangs, while the actual units sold were only 2 gangs.

Although the property prices have increased by a certain amount since the beginning of the year, the developers have decided to reduce the price in the market. The individual units have reduced by 30%, and 128 square feet of open-ended units have a real price of 1.738 million yuan. Start.

At present, the single-handed source of silver code below 4 million yuan is unique. Based on the fine area of ​​Jingjing, the project entrance fee is reduced to less than 2 million yuan. It can make 90% of the mortgage and the printing fee is only 100 yuan, which has successfully set off the market topic. .

According to the agent’s news, the project has received 2,700 votes in two days. The response is very hot. It can be seen that the new code with a fine silver code is still very big in the market.

The average price of the customer was too high last year.

The developers saw that the market responded satisfactorily. The 71 companies that had been suspended for sale were unsealed yesterday and the price was revised. Among them, 49 were reduced, mainly from 131 to 247 square feet. The reduction ranged from 7.8 to 36.3%. The price ranged from 13,800 to 17,400 yuan.

The reason for the price reduction of such units is due to the high price when it was launched in November last year. For example, the 32nd floor of Room 10, the area is 131, the price was 2.91 million last year, the price of bargain was high at 22,200 yuan; yesterday, the price was greatly reduced to 1.928 million. The price is 14.7 million yuan.

On the other hand, the developer has also raised the price of 22 units, all of which are above 365, with an increase of 1.6 to 10%. The discounted price ranges from 14,000 to 16,000. It is believed that it was because last year 11 In the month of pricing, the price gap between the two types of units is too large, and it is now to bring the two levels closer.