He Wentian Tianzhu Silver Master Price 26178

According to market news, He Wentian Tianzhu Phase 2, a low-rise A room, has 1,910 square feet of utility, just changed hands with about 50 million yuan, and the price is 26,178 yuan

The original owner purchased in 2016 for 36.13 million yuan and the book value increased by 13.87 million yuan.

It is understood that the original owner has mortgaged property loans to a number of financial companies since 2017 and eventually became the silver master.

The silver owner once called for a price of 56 million, and eventually changed hands to 50 million

Secondly, the lower floor A of the Mid-Levels Mid-Ram Skyscraper has a practical area of 1,806 square feet. It has just changed hands with about 33.88 million yuan and the price is 18,759 yuan. The original owner bought it at 510,000 as early as 1973 and held 65 times in 46 years.

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