Henderson has conditional additional dividends

Hong Kong stocks fell, the Hang Seng Index closed at 26,667, down 119 points or 0.44%

the China Enterprises Index closed at 10,479, down 67 points or 0.64%, with a turnover of 75.284 billion yuan.

Tencent (700) fell 0.25% to close at 316.2 yuan; China Ping An (2318) fell 0.98% to close at 90.5 yuan; CCB (939) fell 1.27% to close at 6.23 yuan; AIA (1299) fell 0.84% ​​to close at 76.7 Yuan; ICBC (1398) fell 0.36% to close at 5.58 yuan. In addition, the US group comment (3690) surged 2.17% against the market and closed at 94 yuan.

the Hang Seng Index fell with a black candlestick after the “black cloud cover"

The daily chart technical indicators weakened, the slow stochastic index issued a stock signal in the overbought area, and the 9RSI returned to 53.13, both of which showed a top divergence. MACD has a chance to reproduce the bear gap today, and 10 antennas (26745) have finally broken below after five trading days. If the market falls again today, the mid-line indicator SAR will send a turn to the weak signal.

Thunderstorm said that the Hong Kong government has relaxed the building policy for the first time in many years

The market reacted differently. However, it is certain that it will help the developer’s sales strategy. Real estate stocks are generally improving in the near future, especially the blue chip real estate stocks. The technical trends are all strong. The New World Development (017), which was analyzed earlier, ran ahead. It is expected that Henderson Land (012), which has similar conditions, will be on the train when it is on the train.

Hengdi fell from the high of 44.7 yuan in July to the low of 35.3 yuan in September, a 21% drop, then between 36 yuan and 39 yuan, was stimulated by the building, and once rose to 39.65 yuan, technical indicators improved, 10 The antenna has been repeatedly over 20 antennas and 50 antennas. The MACD has also entered the double bull zone. The trend is preference and the 9RSI is still at 60 levels. It is predicted that the rise will easily break through the golden ratio of 0.618 times and the resistance level is 41.1 yuan. Once it rises, it can also challenge. The second highest level was 44.7 yuan, an increase of more than 15%.

Hengdi situation is generally recognized by brokers, of which Credit Suisse is the preferred target, to outperform the market rating, target 50.3 yuan, up to 30% upside. If the trend analysis, Hengdi short-term support level of 37.5 yuan, is conducive to low absorption.

Based on the current price-to-earnings ratio of less than 6 times, the price-to-book ratio of 0.59 times and the dividend yield of 4.2%, the valuation is slightly better than the blue chip. The advantage is that there is a large amount of farmland, which is up to 45.9 million square meters at the end of June. Realizing cash in cash, it is expected to increase its dividend payout ratio to 30%, the dividend yield can be increased to more than 5% and close to the industry average of 5.7 percent dividend return, speeding up its target price compliance progress.

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