High number of mortgages

High number of mortgages

The property prices are high. In recent years, developers have provided high-volume mortgages for many new projects, attracting people with limited initial capital. However, after the honeymoon period, the contributions will double and the difficulty of subsequent transfer will be high. Be aware of the risks before choosing.

In order to speed up the sales situation, many developers will set up spare high-value mortgage loans for the new projects. Some of them do not need a means test and do not need stress tests. For those who are tighter in the first phase, they are undoubtedly flexible. And convenient.

However, this type of high-margin mortgage seems to be attractive. However, the interest rate design is often “sweet and bitter", and buyers should pay attention to the risk. For example, in the new year, a five-year standby loan of $10% will be introduced. During the period, only interest rates will not be provided. Apart from interest-free in the first year, the second and third year interest rates will be raised to P minus 4%. In the fourth and fifth years, it will rise to P. After the honeymoon period, the monthly interest rate can be nearly four times different, and the burden on the building will increase substantially. If some buyers have poor repayment ability, the organic situation will deteriorate rapidly.

Secondly, buyers who choose the developer’s high-volume mortgages have a relatively high difficulty. Unless the property appreciates rapidly in a few years, the more obvious difficulty is that the mortgage may not be able to obtain sufficient mortgages. The buyer must hold sufficient funds to pay the difference of 2 to 30% of the property price. It is not easy to transfer to the bank. .

Recently, a number of large banks have successively increased their interest rates and interest reductions. The actual interest rate is about 2.475%, which is nearly 2.5% higher than the same period last year. It will increase the difficulty of bank review and stress testing. .

If the property price falls, the risk is greatly increased.

In addition, the property market has a number of uncertainties in the second half of the year. Although the Sino-US trade war has resumed negotiations, it has been seen in the past, and the progress has been more repetitive. With the instability of political and economic, the recent property prices are at a high level. If the property market can maintain its upward trend, the problem is relatively small, but if property prices fall, the risk of default for high-margin mortgages will increase. Therefore, buyers should do their best before getting on the train, so as not to lose the budget in the future.