Home ownership Haifu Court sees two years of new low prices

The social atmosphere continues to be bad

The owners are confused about the prospects. The second-hand market has continued to record a number of substantial price cuts, especially in the lower housing areas. Yuho Midtown Yuen Long has a three-bedroom unit with a price of more than “two balls" (ie 2 million yuan) or 15%, with a turnover of $11.5 million. In addition, there is also a time-lapse price at Hoi Fu Court in Mong Kok. The price of low-rise flat owners is nearly 20%. It is worth $4.5 million at the second price, setting a new low for similar units in two years.

Yoho Midtown minus 2.1 million

Li Jiage Real Estate Liang Weijie revealed that the market recently recorded the transaction of the middle D unit of Yoho Midtown, Yuen Long, with an area of ​​898 square feet, which is 3 bedrooms and 1 set of Lien Shiduo room. The original price of the owner was RMB 13.6 million. After the bargaining price, the price was reduced by RMB 2.1 million or 15%, and the transaction was completed at RMB 11.5 million, equivalent to RMB 12,806. In March 2010, the original owner bought the property for 6.408 million yuan, and the book held for 9 years earned a profit of 5.092 million yuan or more than 79%. Mr Leung continued to note that about 5 second-hand transactions were temporarily recorded in the market since September. At present, there are about 100 flats for sale. The admission fee is about $7.5 million, which is about 5% lower than in the past.

In another hard-hit area, Tuen Mun District also experienced substantial price cuts. Centaline Property Manager Chen Kam-ming said that Zall’s latest record of the second phase of the 7-seat low-rise A room sale, with an area of ​​521 square feet, 2 rooms spaced, with a change of 6.4 million yuan, the price of 12,284 yuan. Chen Jinming pointed out that the original owner had recently needed to cash out the funds because he had already purchased a new home. He felt that there were many negative factors in the market, and he did not hesitate to cut the price. He eventually reduced the price by 900,000 yuan or 12%.

As for the subsidized housing market buyers, the attitude of entering the market is still cautious, and many transactions still need to be facilitated by a substantial counter-offer. According to market news, Room 16 of the lower floor of Haining Court, Haifu Court, Mong Kok House, recorded a low price transaction with an area of ​​432 square feet. The original owner has been selling in the second market of the Home Ownership Scheme for $5.5 million since July, and has been lacking in interest. The active price of 1 million yuan or 18% was put on sale, and was immediately accepted by new buyers for $4.5 million. The price was 10,417 yuan. The transaction price was a record low of nearly two years for similar units in the housing estate. It is reported that the original owner purchased it at a price of 942,000 yuan (not paid land premium) as early as 2000, and the book profit was 3.558 million yuan or 3.8 times.

Caipuyuan two rooms reduced price by 13.5%

Li Jinhao of Zhongyuan Real Estate revealed that Shangliang Puyuan recently recorded a low-rise Room 06 in Block A, with a building area of ​​526 square feet, an area of ​​394 square feet, two rooms separated, and a mountain view price of about 4.8 million yuan. After the bargaining, the free market The price of 4.15 million yuan changed hands, the price was reduced by 650,000 yuan or 13.5%, and the price was 10,533 yuan. The original owner purchased the upper site in 1985 for 160,000 yuan, when the unit did not replenish the land price.

Kang Paradise 31.8 million against the new high

Although the districts are now selling at a large price, the market is still recording a new high case. Zhongyuan Real Estate Wu Qiye said that the trading atmosphere has improved recently. The latest transaction of the No. 2 East Road, Tai Po Kang Paradise, with a unit area of ​​1,553 square meters, after the bargaining price of 31.8 million yuan, the average price of 20,476 yuan, creating a new high price of the same type of unit . Zhongyuan Wu Qiye pointed out that the original owner purchased the unit in 2008 with an amount of 18.68 million yuan, an appreciation of about 88.4%.

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