Home ownership Wang Hao price Dong Tao Court fell to half a million

The property market has turned worse

Hong Kong Island East Home Ownership House has turned the price down. The 3 bedroom green table of Tung Wan Court in Tsuen Wan has sold only 7.38 million yuan. It has returned to 1 million yuan in less than half a year. The Dongxu Court in the same district appears. High-end households sell low-level prices.

According to the news, the Dong Tao Court in Tsuen Wan, which is hailed as the East Island King of Hong Kong Island, has just recorded the price of the transaction

The unit is Room 09, Low Floor, Block B, with a saleable area of ​​638 square meters. It looks inside the garden and passes through the second market (Green Form, The price of the land has not been replenished. The price is 7.5 million yuan. It has just been reduced to 7.38 million yuan. The practical price is 11567 yuan, which is the lowest price of similar units this year. The original owner bought in about 2.13 million yuan in 2008, and the unit appreciated 2.46 times in 11 years.

According to the information, the estate has temporarily recorded 2 transactions in the same area this year, including Room 09, Lower Floor, Block B, which is located on the first floor of the hand-changing unit

No matter the area, spacing and landscape, the green meter in August this year was 8.38 million yuan. Change hands, less than half a year apart, this time the lower floor price fell 1 million yuan, a drop of 12%.

In addition, the price of the East District Court in the same district has also fallen. The news pointed out that Room A of the high-rise building of Block E of Dongxuyuan has a practical area of ​​650 square meters. It is expected to open the building, and the price of the green watch is 8.3 million yuan. It has just been reduced to 8 million yuan and the price is 12308 yuan. Looking up the information, the same floor of the lower 08 room, the same area, the green watch cost of 8.05 million yuan in August this year, two months apart, this time the high-level price is almost close to the low level.

Wei Shiliang, manager of 21st Century Property Tseung Kwan O, said that the 14th floor of the middle floor of Block A of Baomingyuan, Tseung Kwan O, has a saleable area of ​​433 square feet. The original owner sold it for $4.4 million in green form in May this year, and has not been accepted for nearly five months. A price of 324 million yuan, the final sale of 4.08 million yuan, the practical price of 9423 yuan. According to the data, the same type of middle-level unit, 424 square meters of practical area, was sold out in April this year for 4.33 million yuan, half a year apart, this time the price fell about 6%.

The private building was re-recorded. The news pointed out that the high-rise room A of the 5th floor of Huadu Square in Fanling was practical 392 square meters. It was changed to 5.17 million yuan earlier, which was lower than the valuation of 5.5 million yuan at that time. The loss of deposits and commissions totaled about 200,000 yuan, and the owners now re-released 5.2 million.

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