1/3 Hong Kong enterprises plan to expand new markets

HSBC announced yesterday that the results of the 2019 HSBC Business Leadership

The Status Quo, Future and Business Approaches of the Business Sector show that more than one-third of the 350 Hong Kong companies surveyed plan to address new business challenges by opening up new markets. It is expected that sales will increase next year, and 44% of Hong Kong companies believe that entering the new market is the main business growth driver.

According to Zhao Minzhong, head of HSBC’s Hong Kong business and finance department

whether it is a trade in goods or services, Hong Kong enterprises will continue to benefit from Hong Kong’s strategic positioning when they seek opportunities in new markets.

Expanding market Asia-Pacific

The Asia Pacific region is still the first choice (67%) for Hong Kong companies to trade or expand their markets in the next three to five years. Compared with companies in other markets in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong enterprises’ expansion plans are more important in the Asia-Pacific region, which is higher than the Asia-Pacific average (55%).

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