The average daily 16-member tour of Hong Kong fell by 90% this month

The demonstrations that have lasted for several months, conflicts, and indifference to the court injunction have repeatedly blocked airport activities and completely scared visitors away from Hong Kong!

The Tourism Development Board has already forecast a significant drop in the number of visitors to Hong Kong this month and next month. According to the latest figures from the Travel Industry Council, on average, only 16 delegations visited Hong Kong on the first seven days of this month, down 90% from the same period last year. The Travel Council urges owners to reduce rents to help the industry tide over the difficulties and to study support for the team leaders and tour guides.

Affected by the demonstrations in the past few months, the industry sighed that the operation was difficult

August total ticket transaction volume fell 8.6%

The registration figures of the Travel Council show that the average number of Mainland immigration missions in August was only 86, an increase of 64% compared with the same period last year. On the first seven days of September, the daily average was reduced to only 16 regiments, compared with the same period last year. Plunged 90%. Apart from the decrease in the number of immigration groups, the desire of Hong Kong people to travel abroad has also decreased. The prints of outbound travel in July fell by 6% compared with the same period of last year and fell by 9% in August. The average business volume of summer tour groups this year fell by at least 10% compared with last year. half. According to figures from the International Air Transport Association, the total transaction volume of air tickets issued in Hong Kong fell by 8.6% in August.

Travel Council

Chen Zhang Leyi, the director of the brigade, said that the travel agency’s business has been affected by demonstrations for nearly three months. In order to reduce costs, some travel agencies require employees to leave or leave unpaid leave. Rent is one of the major expenses of travel agencies. The Council hopes that the owners of various shopping malls and commercial buildings will be able to reduce the rent of tenants for travel agencies by 50% for a period of not less than half a year to tide over the difficulties. The parliament is discussing the abolition of travel agency membership fees, and there will be a decision as soon as possible next week. It is also actively studying to provide some support for the team leader and tour guide.

Xie Bei, chairman of the Hong Kong (Chinese) Tourism Federation, said that the operating rate of tour guides is only 20% to 30%. In the past Friday to Sunday, there are travel agencies that can receive more than 10 groups of tourists per day, but only one day for three days. The group, the tragic situation of the tourism industry can be imagined. Not only did the tour guides have no work, but the registered shops of the group guests were also bleak, and I don’t know how long it will take.

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