Zeng Yuanzhang column Hong Kong property market strange phenomenon

The deputy ministerial officials of the Chinese trade delegation arrived in the United States

However, Trump’s remarks were changeable and soft and hard, so the Chinese deputy ministers also replied in the same way, canceling the activities scheduled to visit American farms this week. I don’t know if I will buy agricultural products again. I will not know if the high-level trade negotiations in October will be held. Last Friday, US stocks rose first and then fell. However, I believe that the market has gradually become accustomed to the negotiation method that China and the United States have turned over and over again. Therefore, the decline is not large, and the market will be more inclined to the information of individual companies and sectors.

Last weekend, the three railway infrastructure stocks of China Communications Construction (1800), China Railway (390) and China Railway Construction (1186) started to stir up

At the beginning of this year, the three railway stocks have been fired. Many people’s expectations are just I don’t know when it will start, there is a lot of money to buy and so on. It is much better than the speculation. After a single day, the increase has reached 3.37% to 6.35%.

It is an indisputable fact that property prices in Hong Kong are falling. However, the launch of new real estate developers is still selling well

This is the strange phenomenon of the property market in Hong Kong today

Property prices have fallen, but the downtrend is slow. It is really not easy to find “bamboo plates" in the second-hand market. There are not many second-hand flats. I really want to buy a building as soon as possible. I have to buy a first-hand building. Real estate developers are more willing to reduce than second-hand building owners. Price promotion. Recently, Xindi (016) launched the Nanchang Station Huijing III, the first batch of 352 people, claiming that the average discounted price has returned to the price two years ago, and it has attracted foreign funds to buy 12 groups at a time, and has to pay 30% at the same time. Spicy strokes are $47.8 million. If the 30% tax cost is added, it will be equivalent to a sharp rise in the price of the property. Some people are indeed willing to pay for this price, which is the special nature of the Hong Kong property market today.

For Xindi, this is the land that was bought many years ago, and it was sold in fractions. Although the price of the first building was returned to 2 years ago, the profit was still very rich.

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