Hong Kong sister Mai Mingshi also sweeps the market dynamics Shi Yongqing

Hong Kong sister Mai Mingshi also sweeps the market dynamics Shi Yongqing: The government can’t give up the “Tomorrow’s Dayo" dragon bed Panjing, 22 people sold on Sunday

Jiayuan International (2768) and “Pang Wang" Deng Chengbo family held the “Dragon Bed" Tuen Mun Jing Yu, yesterday, the price reduction of 334 gang, 20 groups of discounted prices Less than 2 million yuan, so a large number of buyers entered, 228 gang out of the day, about 70% of the volume. According to market news, even the Hong Kong sister and the ten best champion Mai Mingshi were attracted to the scene to accompany the family to pick up the building.

According to market news, many buyers outside the sales office yesterday lined up with a sultry queue. The scene of the spiriting spirit was that Hong Kong sister Mai Mingshi appeared at the sales office in Tuen Mun at about 11 am. When accepting the interview, she said that this time she was accompanying the brother-in-law of the Tuen Mun Hospital. Based on privacy considerations, the details could not be disclosed. She continued that “it is difficult to get on the bus. I will continue to work hard step by step." There are rumors that she and her family have subscribed for 3 units.

Young people become major buyers of “Dragon Bed"

As long as you can get on the car dream, no matter how small the unit can accept. Fang Qiming, senior senior business director of Zhongyuan Real Estate in Tuen Mun, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, Sham Tseng and Castle Peak Road, commented that the price advantage of Jingjing was low, and the entry threshold was low, and the main unit was successfully recruited to attract a large number of passengers. Due to the high demand for rigidity, the project is dominated by users. It is expected that the proportion of investors entering the market will not be high, about 10%, and the remaining nine will become users. Most of the buyers are young people after 80 and 90, accounting for about 80% of the total. Some of them need to rely on the father to get on the bus.

In terms of big hand customers, Fang Shi revealed that the original 5 groups of guests intend to purchase two groups, mainly considering open and one-bedroom units, each group involved in the amount of about 7 million yuan.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of Midland Real Estate, commented that the developers are actively promoting the new tail of the cargo. Following the more than 100 people on the Tai Po Tian drill last Saturday, the price reduction strategy has been effective. Continue to absorb the large purchasing power of the market.

Tuen Mun tail goods sales are driven

Jingjing is located in the Qingmao Trail of Tuen Mun. Its most compact unit is only 128 square feet. It is described as a “dragon bed". A total of 356 people, 344 people were sold on Sunday, from open to two-bedroom, with an area ranging from 128 to 416 square feet, with a maximum discount of 22%. The discounted price ranged from 1.738 million to 8.410 million. The price of the discount is from 13494 to 20196 yuan. The open-plan unit is the 31st floor of Room 16, which is only 128 square feet. The discounted price is about 1.73 million yuan.