Hong Kong stocks may wish to short-term speculation in the long run

The “Policy Report" relaxed the conditions for the first mortgage

The most common online response was the high risk of the property market. It undoubtedly pushed the citizens to die and helped the real estate developers to bulk cargo. Buying a home is indeed an important financial decision in life. Whether it is a purely party idea in the market, but more choices than better than no choice, why bother to reason the government.

It can be seen that the first desire of most shellless snails is that property prices have plummeted, rather than being able to catch up with the conditions of buying a property

This difference in attitude should be financial education 101. This shows the failure of our system, and the sense of powerlessness and anger brought about by misplaced focus is the root of many social problems.

Regardless of the effectiveness, the “Policy Report" is enough to make Hong Kong company stocks a strong counterattack. After the author has carried out the combination, it is naturally not much benefit, and can only be applauded. Looking at people’s segments, the taboos are an upset, no one can make every wave, and excessive pursuit will only be self-defeating.

The focus of investing in stocks should be to select companies that can do long-term, profitability and stock prices continue to rise, such as Link Exhibition (00823), Gas (00003), and MTR (00066). Unfortunately, most of the outstanding Hong Kong companies are rent-seeking types, and the prospects depend on the macro environment. The author’s judgment is that after this battle, Hong Kong is not the same as it used to be. It is definitely not a small setback for a year and a half. It is almost impossible for Hong Kong enterprises to continue to deliver outstanding performance.

The value of investment is not high, but there is still speculation value. In particular, Hong Kong stocks are a highly active market for derivatives, and there are often short-term trends

For example, the HSI has rebounded to nearly 27,000 points this time. If it can be grasped, the profits will be quite rich.

However, the author’s interest in chasing these short-term ups and downs is getting lower and lower. The short-term speculation is usually coordinated with the core group, and it is rarely regarded as the main force. Revisiting the record, we will find that the main gains all the way have come from long-term investment, including the above-mentioned exhibitions and MTR, as well as the property management sector in recent years. Only if you simply take the goods, the process is not likely to be smooth, only to rely on short-term operations to reduce the ups and downs of the combination value.

If we lose our faith in Hong Kong enterprises, we will only limit the number of bets to do short-term operations. The pressure on the eyes will be high. We will continue to raise ourselves to buy sorghum and eat food. We will not win big money. Ten years ago, the trapped beast was forced to adapt. Today, the developed vision of information has been widened. Naturally, it is another world. It is more efficient to make long-term investments.

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