Hong Kong’s global speculation

Hong Kong’s global speculation

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass sings Hong Kong and has recently become his mark and even sings Hong Kong’s international spokesperson. Bass threatened to say that the United Nations will face a perfect storm, banks must be squeezed, etc. At this moment, has it been successfully predicted?

Now is the time of big things, the fake news is flying all over the sky, the rumors are full of rumors, the rumors can not be trusted, and should not be circulated continuously. Perhaps this is the basic duty that a small citizen should have or only in the troubled times. We love Hong Kong, even if the government is worthless, blind support or blind singer, we should try to avoid it. The responsibility of the small citizens is not to go to the streets to demonstrate, not to slap the police, not to say to the unfavorable government. What is left now, the only thing Hong Kong citizens can do is to stay away from the fear of the world.

When I talked back to Bath, I won a lot of wins after winning the fund management scale and its continuation and financial tsunami era. When I sang high-profile renminbi, the result was defeated. When it is arrogant, Hong Kong is still regarded as the major international financial market. The integration of Chinese and foreign funds and such a small-scale international financial center are absolutely worthless under the prediction of his series. In the same year, with Soros’s skill and silver bullets, Hong Kong also retains it. To put it bluntly, Hong Kong is going to decline. It must also fall into the hands of a very high-ranking international speculator, not the Hong Kong Union and the Currency Board. In the mouth of a little understanding.

In 1983, the scene really seems to reappear, and the current situation is absolutely enough to write a tragic urban story panic. Undoubtedly, the figures show that Hong Kong dollar deposits are reduced, and the size of 100 billion is very large in terms of the amount, but the percentage is actually negligible. More importantly, the liquidity of the system has not been significantly reduced. It has been transferred from the Hong Kong dollar to foreign currency, but has not left the country. It has occurred in the past, especially involving factors such as portfolio allocation. Of course, the fertilizer has flowed into Singapore, but the statistics of Goldman Sachs are actually only a few billion dollars. The Hong Kong banking system is dominated by three major banks, with the largest market share: two British and one Chinese. From another perspective, Hong Kong has experienced extreme financial panic. Even HSBC and Standard Chartered have not been able to cope with depositors. At that time, it is not limited to the Hong Kong issue, but a whole global financial problem. If it is the case, it may not be unreasonable to talk about the global theory of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong financial system is not impregnable and has no flaws. In terms of ammunition, the figures are abundant, but there is no significant fluctuation in the calculation of asset prices. In the past ten years, banks have built a large number of mortgages, the public has high leverage risk, the bank has credited the property market, and the price difference has been recovered. A highly leveraged financial environment, and a little evidence that the Hong Kong government is facing a long-term fiscal deficit, this may be another time back.