Housing Department’s frequent blasting channels are difficult to claim

Explosive Canal" is a nightmare for any household

He Kaiming, a member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, said yesterday that four similar complaints were received and followed up in the past six months. It was found that about 1900 cases of tenant claims were received by the Housing Authority in the past three years, and 33.8% of them were bursts and leaks. The water damage problem associated with leakage or obstruction is very common, but only about 4.7% of the cases are compensated.

Long time spent

He Qiming complained that some of the cases were lodged with a press conference yesterday. Some of the cases were claimed for a period of one and a half years. All the cases were not compensated after the investigation by the notary public. One of the bitter mothers, Ms. A, broke into the manure in just 2 years, and the manure was soaked in the whole house. Not only did the smell of the house squander, but also the whole house furniture was scrapped. The loss was heavy. The family worried that the manure would not be re-exploded. The mother is extremely depressed and needs to see psychiatry.

Another bitter husband, Ms. Li, said that the salt water channel in the toilet suddenly exploded, and the salt water overflowed up to 9 cm, soaking the whole house furniture, floor tiles and wall. The ground is constantly seeping out sticky materials and emitting odors. The floor is washed with hot water every day, affecting the daily life of two young children.

The Housing Department hires a notary public or leads to unfairness

When the two victims complained to the Housing Department, they knew that the right to make compensation had already been transferred to the notary. They had to wait for 3 to 9 months, and at the end they were not compensated because of unreasonable terms in the lease. Ms. A was afraid of influencing the compensation. She did not dare to replace the rotten furniture after the accident, which caused the whole house to smell bad. The family life was greatly troubled. Later, after being refused compensation, she felt desperate because she had no help.

He Qiming criticized the Housing Department for his unloading and pointed out that whether it is a water pipe, a drain or a dung, all of them are structural structures of the building. The inspection and maintenance of the Housing Department should be the responsibility of the HD.

He believes that the two victims are all damaged by the blockage or leakage of the pipes. However, the notary bank often quotes the above unreasonable clauses as “shield" and does not compensate. As a result, the “hard food loss" of the public housing estates is actually Extremely unreasonable. ‘

He Qiming continued to criticize that the notary office was employed by the Housing Department. It is doubtful that the results of the notarization investigation may be biased towards the HD. The tenancy clauses are often used to protect the HD, including “has fulfilled its duties as a manager and owner. “Inappropriate or lack of prudence", “If there is no negligence, there is no need to be responsible for the damage caused by the accident", the HD has no liability and so on.

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