Nie Dequan’s three sons first placed in the name of the purchase

The Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs, Nie Dequan, bought two units of Xindi (016) Nanchang Station Huiyu III before the policy address

involving more than 15 million yuan, together with the eldest son Nie Tianle last September, with more than 9.08 million yuan. Buying a unit of Huiyi II, involving a total amount of more than 24 million yuan, but since the three sons are entering the market under the name of the first place, the stamp duty of the three groups of property only needs about 900,000 yuan.

According to the information of the Registry, Nie Dequan and his wife Zhang Cuilan’s sons Nie Tiancheng and Nie Tianlang both bought one unit of Huiyi III on September 26. Nie Tiancheng bought 7 H-rooms on the 8th floor with a total of 747,770 yuan, and the stamp duty was about 280,000 yuan. Nie Tianlang bought 8 rooms, room F, 26, F, with a price of 286,000 yuan, and the stamp duty was 286,000 yuan. One-bedroom unit, and the documents show no mortgage.

The two groups can borrow 90% of the mortgage

has obtained occupation permits and is now a building. Under the policy of the new building, since the property price is less than $8 million, 90% of the mortgage can be built. That is, the first phase only needs about $1.51 million, compared with the old one. The maximum number of mortgages is 60%. The first period is up to 6.05 million yuan, which is lower than 4.5 million yuan. However, to borrow 90% of the mortgage, take Nie Tiancheng to buy 7,747,700 yuan as an example, the first phase of 747,000 yuan, the interest rate of 2.375 percent, 30 years, monthly contributions of more than 27,000 yuan, the income will have nearly 7.2 Ten thousand yuan.

The eldest son Nie Tianle bought the Room D of the 53rd floor of Block 5B of Huiyi II in September 2018, involving an amount of 9,080,800 yuan, practical 354 square meters, and a stamp duty of about 340,000 yuan. It is reported that the unit was leased out at 20,000 yuan in August this year, with a return of about 2.64%. The property was mortgaged by HSBC. Since the mortgage ceiling had not been relaxed at that time, the maximum amount of the building was $60 million to $10 million. The first phase required $3.63 million.

A total of three properties involved a total of 24,210,000 yuan

If you buy in Nie Dequan or his wife, you need to pay double stamp duty, taxation of 7,263,300 yuan, but currently only about 900,000 yuan, a total of 6.36 million yuan.

As for the registered addresses of Nie Tiancheng and Nie Tianlang, they are the lower B units of Block 8 of Xiao Cui Villa in Shatian. It is the couple who bought the Nie Dequan in 2007 and bought it at 8 million yuan. Currently, HSBC estimates it at 18.23 million yuan.

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