HSBC Hang Seng Stops Jinglou House Mortgage Mortgage Buyers Lost Budget Worst Situation Dangers

The “Dragon Bed" in Tuen Mun, which was re-launched in the middle of the month, can be used to make up to 90% of the mortgages with a price of less than $4 million, so that the whole city can buy the tide, even 10A Hong Kong sister Mai Mingshi and The brother also bought the goods

However, in recent days, the market has been rumored to be rumored by the fact that a number of major banks have been suspended for mortgages due to the breakdown of individual properties. Reporter: Li Jiajun

Some buyers have squandered about 2.9 million yuan to buy a 164-inch open-plan unit on the 14th of this month

They intend to use the 90% floor to speculate. However, since no bank is willing to grant a mortgage, it will not be able to attend the meeting before the closing date. The worst plan is to leave the market, and the loss of property prices is about 5% or 146,000 yuan. Some agents revealed, “After asking about HSBC and Hang Seng Bank in the district, even if the delivery form is approved today (mortgage), you can apply before you apply."

It is known that since the developers of Jingjing are rookies, there has been no mortgage relationship with banks in the past, which has made banks take a cautious approach

After the launch of the project, it is known that only three major banks are willing to provide mortgages for the dragon bed, including HSBC, Hang Seng and Bank of East Asia. As a result, after the project sold more than 300 units, a large number of buyers who need to attend the meeting concentrated on the three banks. To apply for a mortgage, and to quickly expedite the bank mortgage limit, it is necessary to suspend the mortgage application. It is understood that each bank has made risk management. Each property can be “multiple goods" and there is a mortgage limit. Such as Hang Seng and HSBC, the proportion is 30%. Simply put, a real estate has 100 units, and the bank only makes a maximum of 30 units of mortgage.

Some banks have undergone risk assessments, taking into account that Jingjing has changed hands many times. In addition, Jiayuan International (2768) was suspected of defaulting on expired bonds at the beginning of this year and was “washed out” by investors. It also made people more worried about the financial situation of small developers. Therefore, most banks are reluctant to provide mortgages to Jingjing.

A HSBC spokesperson said that for unfinished residential mortgage loans (commonly known as uncompleted mortgages), HSBC, like other banks, is subject to mortgage loans in each property. If the client wishes to apply for a mortgage loan for the project, he can apply in the form of a current building. As always, HSBC will evaluate mortgage loan applications based on the applicant’s repayment ability and in accordance with the individual client’s situation.

In the case of the provision of the mortgage service, we will consider a number of factors, including market conditions, risk assessment, property quality and uncompleted flats, to provide relevant arrangements and set a ceiling on the total amount of loans. Under the mortgage, we also provide mortgage services for the new flats. The Bank of East Asia said that the bank accepted the application for the mortgage scheme.

Wang Meifeng, managing director of Zhongyuan Mortgage, said that the bank approval process needs to be more cautious for small and medium-sized developers who have never cooperated. Since the new market has not yet been completed, the bank will have to bear certain risks for the mortgage, so not all banks are willing to cooperate with the new developers to provide mortgages. Wang Meifeng also reminded that even if the buyer has applied for mortgage, he still has to wait for approval. If the bank has a “explosive amount", it will have the opportunity to switch to construction payment until the deed and the occupation paper are issued. formalities.

Zhuang Jinhui, CEO of Star Valley Mortgage, pointed out that banks are generally not very active in this kind of “dragon bed". Therefore, there is a limit on the amount of the payment for the mortgage. If the amount is full, the discount will be cancelled. The situation is the same as the previous new AVA228.

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