Legislative anti-storm HSI ten minutes 242 points Hong Kong stocks up consumer stocks

US stocks tumbled nearly 500 points on Wednesday, and the Asia-Pacific market was rumbling yesterday

Hong Kong stocks fell 233 points. However, the Chunjiang ducks were low and the HSI gradually stabilized from the low level. In the afternoon, the real chapter was finally seen. The media disclosed that the Hong Kong government intends to legislate on the “banned mask law”. Investors’ new laws can calm social violence. The HSI is less than ten minutes. Suddenly, it pumped 242 points higher. The final index rose by 67 points to close at 26,110 points. Local consumer stocks rose, and everyone’s share price (00341) rebounded by half. Analysts said that if the new legislation allowed the social situation to ease slightly and the external market was also set, Hong Kong stocks could continue to rise.

The global economy has emerged, housing leaks have been in the rain, and trade disputes in Europe and the United States have escalated, dragging down global stock markets in the past two days

US stocks took over the 344-point drop on Tuesday, and fell 494 points on Wednesday, dragging down Asia-Pacific stocks generally lower. Hong Kong stocks followed the periphery yesterday, the Hang Seng Index fell 233 points, and the low was 25809 points. However, Hong Kong stocks were bizarre in the low position and encountered strong buying support. The index’s decline gradually narrowed, and it closed down 124 points at noon.

Big market short line 26500

The Hang Seng Index has a dramatic trend in the afternoon. The media disclosed that the Hong Kong government issued the “Forbidden Mask Law” on Friday. The new legislation of investors can ease the recent social violence and the funds will be swarmed. The index will go straight from 25,950 to 26,192, less than 10 minutes. point. The Hang Seng Index rose 67 points to close at 26,110 points. The HSCEI rose 38 points to 10,220 points. Social conflicts have a chance to ease, and retail consumer stocks will directly benefit. Shares in catering stocks rose 5.3% to close at 21.85 yuan. Watch and watch jewellery stock Xie Ruilin (00417) shares rose 7.1% to 1.5 yuan. Cosmetics retail stock Salsa International (00178) rose 3.5% to 1.76 yuan.

Looking ahead, Lian Jinghan, managing director of Qinfeng Securities Asset Management, said that the external stock market has returned sharply in the past two days, but Hong Kong stocks have stabilized. The current level of the HSI has more or less reflected the factors of the new legislation introduced by the Hong Kong Government. If the new legislation comes into effect, the society will become calmer and the external market sentiment will improve. Hong Kong stocks will have a chance to rise again and rebound to 26,400 and 26,500 points. On the contrary, the society continues to be chaotic and the external investment climate has deteriorated. The HSI may be trying to test below 25,700 points. Investors should not be eager to absorb local consumer stocks at this time, and should wait and see the future development of social conditions.

Dividend stability HSBC recommended exhibition

Ye Shangzhi, the chief strategist of Shanghai, believes that Hong Kong stocks have not been dragged down by the external stock market in recent days, mainly because Hong Kong stocks took the lead in the third quarter, which made the market have strong resilience at current prices. In addition, investors wait and see the A-share long holiday after the resumption of the market, the market capital is not much, Hong Kong stocks are not liquid, so the sensitivity to the external market conditions declined. Ye Shangzhi expects that the Hang Seng Index will go up and down in the range of 25,000 to 27,500 in October, while the 26,500 points will be a good market for the market. As local consumer stocks were favored yesterday, Ye Shangzhi reminded investors that it is not appropriate to be too optimistic about such stocks. Because there are still many uncertainties, they must be careful before entering the market.

In addition, HSBC Global said that the local retail industry continues to face challenges in the short term, but Link (00823) and Hang Lung Properties (00101) still have investment value. HSBC Global believes that because the Link Expo is based on the people’s livelihood shop, it believes that it will maintain a stable dividend payment and the stock price will be supported by the repurchase of shares.

Hang Lung Properties continued to increase its rental income as a result of the growth of commercial projects in the Mainland. JP Morgan Chase has called for the reduction of the holdings of Wharf Property (01997), Hysan (00014) and Swire Properties (01972) as local retail shops and office rents have adjusted pressures that have a negative impact on the rental of shares.

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