Ideiga pushes up to 85%

The new blast rushed to the passengers, Hong Kong Industrial (480) sales and marketing assistant general manager Chen Xiuzhen said that Discovery Bay Yidi added 24 groups, a total of 89 teams will start selling on the 30th of this month

With the construction of payment, there are 6 sets of discounted prices below 8 million yuan, the first place can be built up to 90%. The group will increase the number of visitors from the highest of 80% to 85%.

Tianzhu, the construction period payment

The 24 gangs are located in Block 5, including 12 gangs and 12 gangs. The utility model is 551 to 763 square meters. The actual price is 7.767 million to 13.38 million yuan, and the price is 13,631 to 18,097 yuan. Even the remaining 32 gangs were sold on the 30th of this month, and another 33 were tendered on the same day.

Yidi sold 67 people, with an average price of 16,275 yuan, the highest transaction price of 26,245,000 yuan, the highest price of 20,000 yuan, cashing about 835 million yuan. The same district Yifeng is waiting for the pre-sale of pre-sales, which is expected to be launched during the year. The Group and Hysan (014) Tai Po Luhui Road project are applying for pre-sale. Chen Zhi, not counting the Super Mansion project of Discovery Bay, there are still about 1.3 million square meters of land in the district that have not yet completed the land premium.

In order to comply with the insurance measures, China Overseas (688) Tai Po Tianzhu added 189 groups, with construction period payment and standby two-press, for the first-time customers to choose from 8 to 90%

The unit interval is one to three rooms, the practical area is 334 to 778 square meters, the actual price is 5.158 million to 104.81 million yuan, and the price is 11,880 yuan to 17,675 yuan.

In addition, Poly Real Estate (119) Kai Tak Long Yu Yu 114 pieces for sale, the existing 61 groups of tenders, adding 1,440 days of cash payment, the buyer pays 10% of the property price can live first and then pay, plus a second mortgage. The Tongguan Tuen Mun Castle Peak Bay Villa project involves 22 people, with a saleable area of ​​4,000 square meters. It is expected to be launched in the second quarter of next year.

As for the Qingyi Mingqiao, which was officially invoiced yesterday, the market news indicated that the first day of the project received 800 votes, with the first price list of 156 buddies, over 5 times.

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