Increase in bargaining space

In recent months, the fall in property prices has stimulated buyers’ desire to enter the market, and sales in individual regions have increased sharply

In Tung Chung, nearly 70 transactions were recorded in September, a record high for half a year. The East Ring and Blue Sky Coast units in the district were all awarded after the price reduction.

Property prices have fallen in recent months, stimulating trading in Tung Chung District

Zhongyuan Zeng Xianye said that the second-hand bargaining space has widened recently and buyers have also accelerated their home purchase decision. When the Middle East Ring 6A is in the middle of the 8th floor, the practical area is 648 square meters, and the three rooms including the suite interval, even the lease price is 7.7 million yuan, and the trading day is reduced to 7.57 million yuan, which is accepted by investors, and the price is 11,682 yuan. The rate is about 2.8 percent.

He also pointed out that the two-bedroom F, two high-rise rooms in the Blue Sky Coast, recently reduced the price by 380,000 yuan to 6.5 million yuan, and the price was 13,402 yuan.

The Tseung Kwan O District recorded about 102 transactions last month, 28% more than the 80 in August. Hong Kong Real Estate Liu Haoqin said that Haishu Hui 7 Block E, two rooms in the middle floor, has a usable area of ​​512 square meters. At the end of last month, the price was 8.5 million yuan for sale. The price was only 880,000 yuan or more than 10%, to 7.62 million yuan. Sold, the price is 14,883 yuan.

Junyi has a lease of about 6.75 million

The original owner bought the above units in September 2016 for 6,195,400 yuan, and the book appreciation during the period was 1,246,600 yuan.

The Tseung Kwan O Centre also recorded a case of Spicy Recruitment. The Li Jiage Wen Jinyu said that the 9 mid-storey E rooms that had just been sold had a usable area of ​​384 square feet. The price was $6.75 million, the price was 17,578 yuan, and the value of the three-year appreciation was about 25%.

The bank’s Golden Chin said that the lower-floor G room in the same district, the last month, was priced at 7.3 million yuan for sale. After the bargaining price, the price was reduced by 550,000 or about 8%, and the buyer was purchased with a lease of 6.75 million yuan. The unit has a usable area of ​​498 square meters. It is separated by two rooms and enjoys the inner garden view. The transaction price is 13,554 yuan. There are about 97 listings in the estate, with the asking price starting from $7.2 million.

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