increase price and push 178

Political events continued, but the new market was also actively promoted

Among them, the Nanchang Station Huiyu III, which was developed by Xindi, recently increased the price by 2% and pushed 178 people, and the average price was 25,485 yuan.

Folding price of 25,485 yuan

This is a 178-plus push, maintaining a 20% discount, with a discounted price of about 618,800 to 1,602,320, and a price of about 21,393 to 30,455 yuan.

The discounted average price of the newly added unit of the plate is 21,722 yuan, which is about 17.3% higher than the first price.

In addition, the new batch of units appeared in the downstairs expensive units upstairs, taking the 7th 40th floor D room of the previous price list as an example, the area is 528 square meters, the price is 18.35 million, compared with the new batch of units The D room on the 39th floor, the same area is 528 square meters, the price is 19.928 million, about 5.1% higher.

In addition, co-developed by Paliburg and Regal Hotels, the Regal in Shatin Jiutan. Mountain Peak, currently pushing 13 groups of tenders, the tender date will be together next week.

In addition, the new stocks were also recorded. The KADOORIA, developed by CITIC Pacific, was recorded by tender in the past. According to the transaction record, it is the 7th floor of Kadoorie Road 111, with an area of ​​1517 square feet. Even 1338 Fangyu Tiantai, with 76.73 million transactions, the price is about 50580 yuan.

KADOORIA still. Seized

In addition, the New World Clearwater Bay prides itself on the cancellation of transactions. It is a 16-story low-rise B-room special household with an area of ​​1,609 square feet. It is connected to the 777 Fangyi Garden. At the end of last month, it was sold at 40.439 million. The buyer has recently cancelled the transaction. The developer was confiscated with a 5% deposit of more than 2.02 million.

Aojun Jun Yufeng recorded cancellation transaction

Henderson’s North Point Jun Yufeng recently recorded a cancellation transaction, which was a low-floor D room with an area of ​​205 square meters. At the end of last month, it was sold at 5,539,800. The buyer recently canceled the transaction, and the developer was confiscated 5% deposit, about 270,000.

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