Increase the transaction or increase

The biggest highlight is that the mortgage rate will increase

The 90% mortgage ceiling will be increased from $4 million to $8 million. The 80% mortgage ceiling will be raised from $6 million to $10 million. Obviously, this The practice has a role in the price of property, and as far as its political implications are concerned, it is not covered in the financial version.

The price of the property does not rise or fall

Due to the political turmoil, many people now want to immigrate, which has caused property prices to fall in recent days. However, when the above good news comes out and offsets the downside factors, will property prices rise or fall?

My view is that property prices should not rise or fall, or they may fall slightly, but they have caused a sharp increase in transactions

Some people are extremely optimistic, and some people are anxious to sell.

The famous sentence of the late Soviet leader Stalin: quantity is a kind of quality; in terms of asset prices, it is also true. When the transaction increases, it is equal to the increase in property prices.

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