The index housing market is booming. Ten million private housing market conditions are quiet

The decline in property prices has not stopped

The CCL, the leading index of the Central Plains city, which reflects the price of second-hand private residential properties, was last reported at 182.66 points, down 0.34% per week. The market conditions attracted some users to enter the market, and Lijiage announced that 50 second-hand indicator housing estates recorded 90 transactions in September 23-29, which was 20 weeks higher since mid-May this year. On the contrary, large-value transactions continued to be sluggish. Hong Kong is expected to record less than 300 transactions in the last month of the month, and it is expected that the trading volume will drop for four months and create a low this year.

According to the comprehensive information of the Li Kwai Court, 90 surveyed estates in Hong Kong recorded 90 transactions at the end of September (23 to 29), which was cut by 6% per week, but still 20 weeks higher since mid-May this year. According to the geographical distribution, Hong Kong Island has the strongest increase. During the period, 17 transactions were recorded, which increased by 55% or 6 per week. Among them, the amount of transactions in Taijiu City increased by 6 times to 7 per week, and Xinghua Village was pressed. Zhou also increased by 1 to 4 cases.

The number of transactions in Kowloon and the New Territories fell, with a decrease of 24% in Kowloon. 29 transactions were recorded during the period

Two transactions were recorded in Lai Kong City and Yu Ching Hin in the district. % of the five transactions were recorded in Whampoa Garden, which was reduced by 29% per week. There were 9 “zero-deal" housing estates in the district. In the New Territories, 44 transactions were recorded during the period, which was cut by 6% per week. There were also 7 “zero-deal" housing estates.

Chen Dawei, the real estate director of the bank, believes that the social disputes in Hong Kong continue

some prospective buyers are more cautious in entering the market, and several new orders in the market will be on the way. He expects some purchasing power to flow to the top, and 50 indicators in two weeks. The volume of housing transactions will be rampant.

On the other hand, the Hong Kong Land Registry’s information shows that the number of registered second-hand residential properties over $10 million in the first 27 days of September fell by 37.1% month-on-month, with only 278 cases recorded, which is expected to be less than 300 cases in the whole month. During the period, the volume of transactions in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories fell. The volume of transactions on Hong Kong Island fell by 43.1% month-on-month. Only 107 registrations were recorded. The total registered amount was 2.353 billion yuan, a 44.9% decline. District transactions accounted for 38.5% of the total trading volume in Hong Kong, which was the highest in the three districts. In Kowloon, 91 registrations were recorded, a decrease of 31.6% per month, involving 1.658 billion yuan, a decrease of 33.1% per month. The monthly record of 33.9% was 80 registered, involving 1.182 billion yuan, 40% less month-on-month.

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