The inner room is ideal for sales last month. Country Garden is up 50%

Mainland economic growth has slowed down, but the sales performance of major domestic houses is still good

Evergrande (3333), Country Garden (2007) and Shimao Real Estate (813) reported monthly sales data. During the period, Evergrande’s sales recorded 47.82 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), an increase of 18.8% year-on-year; Country Garden and the World The housing price increased even more, with sales increasing by 49.5% and 38.9% respectively, reaching 46.83 billion and 21.53 billion yuan.

Among them, the contracted sales amount of Heng is greater than August was 47.82 billion yuan, up 18.2% month-on-month, with a total area of 4.493 million square meters, up 17.6%, and the average contract sales price was 10,644 yuan per square meter

The Group has announced that the value of vending in the second half of the year is about 800 billion yuan. If the conservative rate is 40%, the sales in the second half of the year can exceed 325 billion yuan, and the annual sales target of 600 billion yuan will be reached as scheduled.

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