Intensification of social contradictions

Intensification of social contradictions

The 22nd anniversary of the return of Hong Kong ushered in the most violent demonstrations. A group of radical demonstrators who opposed the revision of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance last night violently occupied the Legislative Council and attacked the rule of law and must be condemned. The Hong Kong Government should adopt measures to restore the hearts of the people and enable the society to return to normal as soon as possible.

Violent impact

A group of radical demonstrators yesterday blocked the Legislative Council Building and confronted the police stationed in the building. They continued to use the recycling iron cages and iron branches to hit the glass windows of the building. They finally rushed into the building at night and vandalized, such as demolishing successive legislation. The president’s portrait, graffiti everywhere with spray paint.

The protesters used violent means to fight against the peaceful and rational struggles of all demonstrations and three anti-reforms marches in the past month, undermining social order and influencing public safety, and must be strongly condemned.

Hong Kong is a society ruled by law. It has always been rationally inclusive and respects different opinions. The government and the public have allowed them to express their aspirations through peaceful and rational demonstrations. However, they must not accept such violent acts that challenge the rule of law by extreme means, ignore the law and discipline, and undermine social harmony and tranquility.

The demonstrators were dissatisfied with the government’s strong push for the amendments and believed that the Chief Executive Lin Zhengyue did not respond positively to his demands and took extreme action.

When attending the 22nd Anniversary Reception, Mrs Lam stressed that he would learn lessons, change his style of administration, better listen to public opinion, adopt a more open and inclusive attitude, and be closer to the public and public opinion, and respond to the public’s demands. In the next three years, we will focus on improving the economy and people’s livelihood and regaining the confidence of the people so that Hong Kong can start again.

Since Lin Zheng has recognized the crux of the problem, it takes time to implement and strengthen contact with the public. At present, there is a serious crisis of confidence in Hong Kong. The first task is how to make the society return to normal. Does the Hong Kong Government need to engage in dialogue with all parties to solve problems through communication, which can avoid the violent protests of the demonstrators and continue to escalate. It also shows that she is sitting and speaking. Change the style of governance.

Hong Kong is facing a number of economic and livelihood issues, such as high property prices, aging population, inadequate medical staff and facilities. The trade friction between China and the United States has not yet been fully resolved, the economic downside risks have increased, how to alleviate social problems and increase our economic resilience. It is imperative.

Government officials should learn from the arrogance and the style of leaving the ground. When implementing policies, they must listen carefully to the public opinion in order to rebuild the trust of the people and help the future administration.

Lin Zhengxuan takes lessons and changes the style of administration

Even if the protesters’ demands are recognized by some citizens, the violent struggle is not allowed by the society. Lin Zheng also has to immediately introduce a new style of governance, so that the public can feel that the government’s administration has really changed, so that the social tears can be repaired as soon as possible.