Invest in the Vietnamese property market, Hanoi, see the high line?

In recent years, Vietnam has actively attracted foreign investment and launched a number of economic concessions

Foreign investors have set up factories in the local area. Coupled with the opportunity of trade wars, more and more manufacturers have moved their local production lines to the local area to accelerate local economic development in disguise.

In fact, many investors are optimistic about the prospects of Vietnam, but also to buy local investment, but the Vietnamese property market is not mature, can only believe in real estate agents, true and false can not be tested. However, instead of worrying about ten gambling, it is better to understand this emerging emerging market and look for investment opportunities.

To put it simply, there are only two districts in Vietnam that are worth investing in: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the former is the financial center and the latter is the national capital. To be more visual, Hanoi is positioned like Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City is like Shanghai. In terms of property prices, the two places are far apart. According to CBRE (CBRE), the price of Ho Chi Minh City is nearly 50% higher than that of Hanoi.

However, Hanoi is the capital of the country and the government must accelerate its development. In fact, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam, in the first nine months of this year, overseas funds were invested more in Hanoi, showing that foreign investment values ​​the region. Although the property price in the district is relatively flat at present, it will be higher in the future, or in the case of Ho Chi Minh City.

Capital Daxing Civil Engineering Price

In recent years, the price of property in Vietnam has soared, due to the sharp increase in demand. There are three reasons for this: First, the surge in secondary production and rising purchasing power; second, the surge in overseas real estate investors; and the third is urbanization, that is, more and more people are settled in cities.

The outlook for the Vietnamese property market is optimistic, naturally attracting overseas developers to come to the Nuggets, and Singapore’s CapitaLand is one of them.

Lin Dingjie, general manager of CapitaLand Group (North Vietnam), said that Hanoi is the national capital and the prospect of the property market is better than that of Ho Chi Minh City: “In the early days of the country’s opening up, there were always some reform policies that were tentatively tested in the financial district. After the development was mature, it was transferred to the political center. It is expected that after another five to ten years, after Vietnam’s national opening, Hanoi’s growth will be better.”

From an investment perspective, Hanoi is worth more. According to the “iMoney" reporter’s on-the-spot investigation, almost every district in the city also has a lot of construction, and some real estates are positioned as luxury houses. Because there are many rich people in the local area, officials and rich people have settled here.

Vietnamese people love to live on the lakeside because of the comfortable environment. According to the observations of the reporter, the air pollution problem in the region is serious, and the weather is always gray and gray. Because the local people have more cars, they always see the electric bicycle dragon occupying the entire road, causing serious pollution. In fact, the air on the lake is indeed better. If it is famous, West Lake is the most popular. Although the price of the area is more expensive, there is no shortage of guests.

Downtown price is expensive New area choose more

Hoan Kiem is also popular in the city centre, as the area is a core business district with convenient transportation, but there is not much new supply. Due to the frequent number of people in the area and the high price of the property, many people would like to move to neighboring areas, such as Ha Dong. The county is only half a kilometer away from Hoan Kiem County, but the property price is significantly flat.

In addition, Nam Tu Liem is also worth noting. The property price in the district is relatively flat. Compared with the traditional business district, Hoan Kiem County, it is about half, and the planning is better. It is a new business that the government is committed to in recent years. More and more offices have moved to the area, and even the country’s tallest building, Landmark 72, is located here. Many foreigners working in the area love to go to the area for recreation and renting.

The second county of Ho Chi Minh City has good potential

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. Although the property price is higher than that in Hanoi, it is still worth paying attention to. To put it simply, Ho Chi Minh City has different sub-districts, which are called local counties, and each county has its own characteristics. Among them, the first, second, fourth and seventh counties are more popular among investors. The first county is the economic center of Ho Chi Minh City, high-rise buildings can be seen everywhere, and house prices also lead the city. Due to the development of the city center for a long time, the land has been lacking, and the property price is relatively expensive. Most people do not mind living farther, and the seventh district is one of them, attracting overseas professionals.

If the growth potential is concerned, then the second county is counted. The area is separated from the first county by a river, but the degree of development is very different. The area is still empty everywhere, and there are not many supporting facilities around the housing estate. level. However, in recent years, more and more people are buying in the second county. Because the government is committed to development, it can become a new core business district. However, many transportation infrastructures have not yet been completed.

At the same time, the fourth county is also worthy of investors’ attention. The area is between the first county and the seventh county. The location is convenient, but the property price is flat in the first county.

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