ISLAND RESIDENCE 8 for sale Tiantai household organic high

ISLAND RESIDENCE 8 for sale Tiantai household organic high

ISLAND RESIDENCE, the current project of Wheelock Real Estate Tsuen Wan, has 8 units for sale, among which Tiantai special households have the opportunity to challenge the new high.

ISLAND RESIDENCE sold 162 groups and cashed in more than 1.2 billion yuan. There are still 8 groups in the project for sale, including a unique roof-top household, which will be sold as a tender, and the price is expected to hit a new high. The other 7 groups have a usable area of ​​391 to 393 square feet, and the discounted price starts from 10,293,000 yuan.

Cannes 9A period 1 to 2 months

Huang Guangyao, managing director of Wheelock Real Estate, said that the Group sold 1,291 gangs in the first half of the year and cashed over RMB 16.3 billion. Among them, 1,120 MONTARA and GRAND MONTARA of Phase VII of Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon City, have been fully cleared, and nearly 98 were cashed. 100 million yuan. The 9th phase of Sunrise Kangcheng is still pending for sale, offering 647 people, mainly from 1 to 2 units, and hopes to sell them in the next one to two months.

The Meridian Mortgage Referral provides mortgage offers for ISLAND RESIDENCE buyers. According to Zhang Wei, Director of Meridian Mortgage Referral, the full-term interest rate is H plus 1.23% (capped interest rate is 2.375%) and cash rebate is 2.1%.

The same department Tseung Kwan O MALIBU will increase the price of 2 units, respectively, Block B, Room B, Block B, Block B, Block B, Block B, Block B, from the price of 9.678 million and 10.69 million yuan in March last year, to increase the price to 10,437,000 and 10,792,200 yuan. They are 8% and 1% respectively.