Zhaoan Li is too 8.2 billion to sweep the Jardine’s Lookout property

Zhaoan Li is too 8.2 billion to sweep the Jardine’s Lookout property

The luxury residential project with reconstruction value in the urban area has excellent development potential and is sought after by the market. A basket of properties at 41-45 Baijian Road, Jardine’s Lookout, with parking spaces, was purchased by senior investor Zhao An Li Tai or related persons for a total purchase of about 825 million yuan.

According to the information, there are 12 transactions for the above items. The price of each transaction is between $61.84 million and $75 million. According to the Land and Company Registry, the new buyer on the 1st floor of No. 41 Baijian Road is Baolin Co., Ltd., and the company’s directors include Li Wei Shaohong. The director has the same name as the investor, Zhao An Li, who is known as the “post-shop”.

It is understood that the site was completed in 1965 and is now two low-density dwellings, each of which is four stories high and provides a total of 12 units with a site area of ​​approximately 19,903 square feet.

Kang Paradise silver main plate 43.5 million start shooting

On the other hand, the Tai Po Hong Paradise Silver Main Market is auctioned at a price, without a reserve price. The single-bedroom house on the Kangle East Road has a saleable area of ​​2,579 square meters and a garden of more than 4,300 square meters. Next Thursday, it will be auctioned for $43.5 million through a loyalty auction. The price is 16,867 yuan, which is available for sale. The house was opened at the beginning of May at $42 million, and was subsequently reduced to $39.5 million.