Jiahu sold 66 cases in this month

the Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei recorded 66 transactions this month, with a monthly bombing of 40%, and the turnover was a new high in recent years

This month’s transaction was dominated by 3 large units, with 44 records, accounting for 67% of the total transaction volume. Among them, Jinghuju has a high-rise room A, with a practical area of 635 square meters and 3 rooms separated. It was just received by the user for 6.18 million yuan, and the price was 9,732 yuan. In April 2011, the original owner bought it for 2.8 million yuan and made a profit of 3.38 million yuan.

Taikoo City’s price is 20%. The Midland Realty Property Co., Ltd. said that the B-room of the middle level of the Puyang Pavilion in Taikoo City, Quarry Bay has a practical area of 489 square feet and 2 rooms.

The original owner called the price of RMB 10.5 million for sale, and was affected by the riots to adjust the price for several times

The final reduction was 21.12 million yuan or 20.1%, with a change of 8.388 million yuan. In the middle of 2007, the original owner purchased it for about 2.395 million yuan, and the book held a 12-year profit of 5.99 million yuan. The new buyer intends to apply for a mortgage of 80%.

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