Jingjing continued to push the price of 49 groups and 1.82 million admissions

Jingjing continued to push the price of 49 groups and 1.82 million admissions. The effect of the promotion was 2,700 votes and 24 times the excess.

The new price reduction promotion was effective. The big owner Jiayuan International (02768) and the Shengyu Group held by the Shengyu Group suddenly increased the number of 36.6% on Wednesday (4th) and pushed 36 groups. Angry, the first time the demonstration unit was opened in the past Saturday (6th), that is, it attracted more than a thousand visitors. The developer yesterday again took advantage of the price list of 49 gangs that were launched earlier, which drastically cut the price by about 7.8% to 36.3%. The number of votes in the past two days has further increased to about 2,700, which is a significant over 24 times over the 107 units sold.

Jingjing was unfavorable last year. So far only two people have been sold. The developers have seen the recent changes in the sales strategy. They recently pushed 36 people to offer the highest price of 22% for the first time. The units are all open-plan and one-bedroom households with a usable area of ​​128 to 227 square meters. The lowest flat price is only 1.738 million yuan, which immediately caused market turmoil. The demonstration unit was opened on the first day of Saturday, attracting more than 1,000 people. The citizens waited in line to visit, and at the peak, the dragon was surrounded by a circle. Some agents on the scene threatened that the first-day visit exceeded expectations, and prospective buyers had to wait for more than three more hours before they could go upstairs.

22 households increase the price by up to 10%

The demonstration units of the project have a strong momentum of visits, providing indicators for developers to push forward. Yesterday, they once again attacked the open-type and one-bedroom units, and revised the price of 71 companies that have not yet been sold in the price list launched at the end of November last year. The fare increase, and then offer a 22% discount on the highest property price (no discount was offered last year). Among the discounted prices, 49 were down by 7.8% to 36.3% from last year, excluding one two-bedroom roof and platform features. The 48 groups are all open-plan and one-bedroom units with a saleable area of ​​131 to 247 square meters, with a reduction of more than 30% and a total of 6 groups. For example, the open-plan households with 32 rooms on the 7th floor of the admission unit, the practical area of ​​131 square feet, the discounted price 181.506 million yuan, compared with the end of last year, the price was 2.85 million yuan, and the large amount was 1,034,400 yuan (about 36.3%). Regardless of the amount or the amount of the price reduction, it was the highest in the batch, that is, the first customer only had to pay 100 yuan of ad valorem stamp duty.

On the one hand, developers are priced at the same price, but at the same time they have raised the price of 22 large-area two-bedroom units. After taking into account the 22% discount on the highest property prices, they are still about 1.6% to 10% higher than last year. The maximum is 8 rooms on the 20th floor, the practical area is 365 square meters, and the discounted price is 5.8908 million yuan, which is 529,800 yuan higher than the price of 5.31 million yuan last year.

The latest average discounted price of the entire batch of units was 15,610 yuan, which was about 7.7% lower than the average price of 16937 yuan when it was launched last year.

According to market news, Jingjing’s visit to the scene was still on the market. Most of the time, he saw queues and accelerated the number of votes. As of 9:00 last night, he had already rushed to about 2,700, compared with 107 people. Exceeding more than 24 times. It is said that developers will continue to push in the next two days. Located in No. 2, Qingmian Trail, Jingjing offers 356 gangs with a usable area of ​​128 to 794 square meters.

Tianzhu the fastest Saturday sale, temporarily received 500 votes

In addition, China Overseas (00688)’s Tai Po Tianzhu recently pushed 180 groups, and the average price was 14886 yuan. In the past two days, the company continued to attract customers. Yu Weiguang, managing director of China Overseas Real Estate, said that the project has achieved satisfactory results. The source is mainly from the New Territories, and the project is expected to start selling on Saturday. The market has closed nearly 500 votes as of yesterday, and the excess is about 1.8 times. Tianzhu, located at No. 8 Shantang Road, provides 1,620 people, with a usable area of ​​334 to 1388 square meters. It is expected to enter the company by the end of January 2021.