Jingjing received 12,000 flies, snapped up 13 “dragon bed households", boudoir ticket king over 34 times

Jingjing received 12,000 flies, snapped up 13 “dragon bed households", boudoir ticket king over 34 times

Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" has been re-launched with a two-ball downstairs unit. It can be said that the unit is flat over the parking space, and the area is only 128 square meters. In the short 6 days, Jingjing received as many as 12,000 tickets. It was over 34 yuan for the 344 buddies that were sold on Sunday (14th). It is expected to be the new vouchers. Brokers said that most prospective buyers are targeting open-ended households, of which only 13 and 2 million yuan can be publicly subscribed for downstairs. Reporter: Chen Baoen

Four balls downstairs up to 247

Jingjing can build up to 20,000 people with a maximum of 90% of the mortgage of 4 million yuan, accounting for 72% of the sales volume. Among them, 20 of them have a discounted price of less than 2 million yuan, but 7 of them have been reserved for internal subscription by developers.

The developer announced that the project intercepted the ticket at 2 pm yesterday, and received 2,000 votes within 3 hours, that is, an average of 5.4 seconds to receive one vote; accumulated 12,000 votes, to sell 344 buddies on this Sunday (14th), over 34 times For the first time after the new case, the 13th new ticket is over 10,000 yuan. It is expected to be the new platoon of the new vouchers. This year’s plan is second only to Wheelock (020), when the city of Montara is in May, the first batch of 500 The company intercepted a record of 18,600 votes. At a price of 50,000 yuan per ticket, Jingjing frozen the market capital of 600 million yuan.

Bu Shaoming, chief executive of the Midland Real Estate Department, revealed that Jingjing has pushed down a large 12,000 votes, of which about 60% of prospective buyers are aiming to purchase open-end households, and about three adults want to buy one-bedroom units. He believes that although the plate is not particularly flat at the price of the price, it is attracted by the silver code. Therefore, a large number of passengers boarded the ticket and hoped to get on the train. In addition, the project attracted many investors to purchase and rent. Cloth supplement, after the lottery project is drawn on Saturday, many ticket-ingoing guests will return first-hand and second-hand real estates with similar price in the same district to stimulate sales in the district.

Tai Po Tianzhu received 900 votes

In addition, China Overseas (688) Tai Po Tianzhu will sell 332 gangs this Saturday (13th), of which 184 will be sold as price lists and 148 will be tendered. The project intercepted the ticket last night. According to market news, about 900 tickets were received in the past week, and the subscription was about 4 times.

On the occasion of the launch of Jingjing, Yongtai (369)’s new OMA OMA in Tuen Mun will open 110 groups this Saturday (13th), of which 83 are on sale. According to market news, the project received 51 votes and was not fully subscribed. The project recently pushed the price list No. 4, a total of 50, with an average price of 13,130 yuan, about 5% more expensive than the first batch. For the first time, four groups of open-plan units were launched to meet Jingjing. The most flat unit has a practical area of ​​254 square meters, with a price of 3.614 million yuan and a price of 14,228 yuan.