Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" Jingxi Reduced price by 30%, re-push 36 people all below 4 million

Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" Jingxi Reduced price by 30%, re-push 36 people all below 4 million

The Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed" was sold out only after 2 people sold last year. The price of more than 30% was reduced by 36 people yesterday, and the most detailed one was 128 square feet. The actual price was 1.738 million. Only 170,000 yuan.

13 people are less than 2 million

Among them, the 60-day payment method has the highest discount rate, and the other discounts are calculated, the highest discount rate is 22%. In the case of a developer-related company employee, there is an additional 3% discount. If calculated at the highest discount rate of 22%, the actual unit price of this batch is 1.738 million to 3.606 million yuan, and the discount price is 13,493 to 15,990 yuan. Based on the admission fee, it is the new one with the lowest entry fee after the new case.

The total unit price of this batch is less than 4 million yuan. For units below 2 million yuan, there are 13 groups. For units below 2 million yuan, the printing fee is only 100 yuan. It is rare in the market. Assume that 90% of the mortgages and minimum fees for admission fees are only about $174,000 for the first phase. The mortgage is 25 years and the interest rate is 2.375%. The monthly contribution is about 7,000 yuan.

According to the data, the project announced the first price list in November last year, with a property price of 2.85 million to 9.28 million yuan and a price of 13,452 to 22,327 yuan. If the individual units are used for comparison, including the minimum entrance fee unit, 7th floor, room 31, the area is 128 square feet, the real price is 1.738 million yuan, and the discount price is 13,578 yuan. Compared with the 32 rooms in the same floor last year, the area is 131 square meters. The price was 2.85 million yuan, and the price was 21,756 yuan, a substantial reduction of 38%.

Ascending domain: the market price is expected to be welcomed by the market

For the depreciation of Jingyu, the chairman of the Shengyu Group, Deng Yaosheng, said that the Group has confidence in the prospects of the Hong Kong property market. The project is re-launched at the market price this time. I believe it will be welcomed by the market. It is reported that the project will open the demonstration unit of the current building to the public on Saturday, and the ticket will be collected on the same day. It is expected to be sold next week.

Chen Yongjie, vice president and president of the residential division of Centaline Property Asia, said that the project has a low admission fee and is believed to attract young passengers.

It is learnt that the developer has also issued a high commission of 5% to the agent, indicating that the bulk cargo is highly demanding; and the same district Xindi (00016) Yu Mid-Levels II sees the price of the green, plus commission to the agent, commission from 3.75% to 4.5 %, slightly higher than before.