Kangcheng Capital built a new high of 15,400

Kangcheng Capital built a new high of 15,400

Quality units continue to receive high prices from buyers. A very high-rise household in the capital of the first phase of the Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng City, the price of seeing 1.5444 million yuan hit a record high in the capital. The first city of Shatin in Shatin District also has a phoenix floor (that is, the top floor to the next floor). The buyer has been auctioned for one day and the price has broken 20,000 yuan.

The first city is 20,000 more

Wu Jinji, director of the senior division of Zhongyuan Real Estate, said that the two high-rise LC rooms in the capital have a practical area of ​​518 square meters, two rooms separated, sitting southeast, looking inside the garden, the original owner opened the price of 8.1 million yuan in May this year, and finally only the price reduction 100,000 yuan, sold on the 1st of this month for 8 million yuan, the price of 15444 yuan, creating a new high in the capital. The original owner entered the market in March 2008 with a price of 3.632 million yuan, and the profit of holding the goods for about 11 years was 4.368 million yuan, an appreciation of about 1.2 times.

In July, the first city in Sha Tin turned quickly, and one of them was a fast-moving auction. Midland Real Estate Assistant Co-Director Huang Jinxi said that the unit is 49 high-rise E-room two-bedroom households with a usable area of ​​284 square meters. It is a Phoenix floor unit. It is only about 3 weeks for sale at 5.88 million yuan. There are buyers last month 30. After the Sundial Building, the next day, the company sold 5.72 million yuan, and the price was 20141 yuan. The new buyer was originally a two-bedroom apartment in the middle floor of Block C, Block 3, with a saleable area of ​​327 square feet. “The original owner had a good price of 6.15 million, but the owner finally decided to sell it," in order to avoid missing the opportunity again. After the tower, the speed decided to enter the market.

In 2006, the original owner invested 1.185 million yuan to enter the city, and the book value of the goods increased by 4.535 million yuan (about 3.8 times).

In addition, the market has exposed new high-priced cases of earlier transactions. According to the Land Registry, Room A, the top floor of Block 1 of Baihui Haoyuan, Tianshuiwei, has a practical area of ​​597 square meters, with 554 square roofs. On the 10th of last month, it registered with 8.5 million yuan, and the price was 14238 yuan. The characteristic households of the 476 sq ft platform in the E-room of the 6th floor of the same housing estate, with a record of the price of private buildings in the district set at 13,348 yuan per square, significantly increased by about 6.7%. In 2010, the original owner invested a total of 3.3 million yuan to buy, and by 2014 one of them was removed, the registered amount was changed to 5 million yuan, and the purchase price of the goods was 5.2 million yuan (about 1.6 times) compared with the purchase price in 2010.

According to the Land Registry, the third floor of Block A, Block 7 of Tai Po, Tai Po, has a usable area of ​​180 square feet. It is open-planned and received by the buyer for $3.5 million. The price is about 19444 yuan. It is reported that the unit is the silver main plate, calculated by the original owner’s purchase price of 1.895 million yuan in 2015, an appreciation of about 1.605 million yuan (about 84.5%).