This season’s first West Kowloon new battle price overlap potential battle front Ai Haiyu is now a dragon Longhui III plus push interception

The first batch of rushing wars broke out in the new market in West Kowloon

Cheung Shui (01113)’s Sham Shui Po Ai Hai Estate was the first in the first batch of 180-year low price of 18,688 yuan. The opening of demonstration units, that is, the emergence of visitors, attracted more than 6,000 visitors on the first day, developers and deployments. As for the development of Xindi (00016), the Changsha Bay Nanchang Station, the cover project, does not dare to neglect, and pushes a new price list of 178, with an average price of 25,485 yuan, compared to the previous batch of price list No. 3. The average price of the discounted price rose slightly by 2.1%, and the main launch of the open and 1 room rush. The two battles between Aihaiyu and Huijing III have caused the war in the region to heat up.

Chang Shi He Jiaxin: The fastest weekend to add food

Aihaiyi opened 2 rooms yesterday and changed the company’s demonstration unit for media visit. It is based on 3 E-rooms on the 28th floor. The utility area is 507 square meters. The kitchen is open-plan design. The two bedrooms are opened and separated by oil painting and screen. . For the first time, the developer has opened the Ai Haen Model Unit for public visits. It is located outside the sales office of the Hung Hom Fortune Shopping Centre. It has continued to show visitors and has even been a “snake cake".

He Jianxin, chief assistant manager (business) of Changshi, said that Aihaiyu 2 households accounted for about 75% of the total. The 2nd room demonstration unit was officially exposed. Even if it was not a holiday yesterday, the first three hours after the opening of the demonstration unit, it has attracted more than 2,000 visitors. The response was enthusiastic. The visitors were mainly residents of the same district. There were also along the West Rail including Tsing Yi and Tsuen Wan. In the area of ​​Yuen Long and other places, there are also Hong Kong Island investors who are interested. Aihai will accept registration today, online registration will be opened simultaneously, depending on the situation, the weekend will be pushed, and the first round of sales arrangements will be announced in the near future. According to market news, more than 6,000 visitors were recorded throughout the day, which is not bad. Aihaiyu, located at No. 201, 203 and 218, Haitan Street, offers 876 gangs with a usable area of ​​474 to 786 square meters. It is expected to enter the end of June 2021.

new goods 178 gangs

Under the short-term command, Xindi Huiyi III also launched a new price list for the No. 4 price tag, involving 178 people. After calculating the basic 20% discount, the average price of the discount is 25,485 yuan, which is a discount to the previous batch of price 3. The real average price rose by 2.1%. The project is the main launch of open-type and 1-bedroom households, with a total of 90% of the unit price. The intention of grabbing is self-evident. The flattest unit is 6 seats, 6th floor, F room, with a practical area of ​​271 square meters. The discounted price is 618.80 million yuan, and the price is 22807 yuan. The sales arrangement is yet to be announced. The Huishui III, located at No. 28, Sham Mong Road, offers 1,172 gangs with a saleable area of ​​267 to 2,171 square meters. It will be occupied in July next year.

Aihai and Huijing III have announced price orders in two sets, which is the first game of the season. According to industry analysis, there is not much overlap between the two units of the unit interval. The main unit of Kailuan III is open-type and one-bedroom, and Aihai is not supplied by relevant units; while Huiyi III is the third to avoid 3 households. It is not enough complementarity. However, the unit price overlap is relatively obvious, but the two positions are different, so each has its own advantages.

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