16 people from Kowloon Tong Rose Court received a purchase of 450 million

There are many old-style luxury homes in Kowloon Tong, which have been the target of developers in recent years

In the 52-year-old Rose Garden, 16 people have recently been acquired, involving a total of about 458 million yuan.

Buyers half a million sweeping the door two units

The project, located at 23 to 34 Rose Street, was completed in 1967 and is now a low-density residential project. According to the Land Registry, the site has recently recorded a number of transactions, each of which ranged from about $21.53 million to over $33 million. Among them, a real estate area of ​​about 920 square meters, the original owner purchased for 13.6 million yuan in a year, is now sold for about 32.17 million yuan, a three-year appreciation of 1.4 times, the price of about 34,800 yuan.

Recently, the sales of second-hand luxury homes have rebounded slightly. A group of buyers bought two groups of famous people in Tai Hang with a total of about 50 million yuan. According to the market, the above-mentioned hand-changing units are 5 high-rise rooms A and B. The practical areas are 867 and 871 square meters, with an average price of 28,769 yuan. In the neighbouring area, the Happy Valley is located in the middle floor of Block H of Hali Hill. It was purchased by the buyer with a parking space of 40 million yuan, with a saleable area of ​​1,386 square meters and a price of 28,860 yuan.

lower layer transaction price 18.63 million

The United States Lu Lijia also said that the recent market sentiment turned better, the southwestern Kowloon 3 low-rise C room, the practical area of ​​896 square, is a three-bedroom including suites and even workers’ suites, the landscape is open, the transaction price is 18.63 million yuan, The price is 20,792 yuan.

It is understood that the original owner entered the market with a total of about 12,377.3 thousand yuan in one year, and the current profit of holding the goods has reached 6,252,700 yuan, an appreciation of nearly 51%.

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