Kwun Tong Industry and Industry Association and Junhong Enterprise Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

The Hong Kong Kwun Tong Federation of Industry and Commerce, together with Jun Hong Enterprise Co., Ltd

sent a moon cake to Hong Kong Caritas Road to pay attention to the workers. Yu Min, Chairman of the Hong Kong Kwun Tong Industry and Commerce Federation, and Lin Tianyi, Director of Junhong Enterprise Co., Ltd. attended the moon cake delivery ceremony.

Injury and health, sharing and caring warmth

Ledao Square is a comprehensive vocational rehabilitation workshop under the jurisdiction of Caritas. It provides 120 places for those in need. Ledaofang has a professional team including professional social workers, occupational therapists and workshop instructors to provide comprehensive vocational rehabilitation training for workers.

Mr. Yang Qiaorong, Manager of Le Daofang, said that the Ledaofang Workshop provided job training and employment opportunities for ex-mentally ill persons and mentally handicapped people who were unable to adapt to the external working environment, so as to enhance their confidence and gradually move towards open employment. In order to help the rehabilitated offenders re-enter the community, Le Lok Square established the “Caritas Food Bakery Workshop" in 2004 to provide employment and vocational training opportunities for the rehabilitated and to promote the public by selling products made by people with disabilities. Understand their abilities and promote the establishment of a harmonious society that is inclusive.

Yu Min said that the continuation of the care activities of the past four years, members of the association once again visited the Ledaofang workers this year, and expressed their heartfelt blessings to the workers by sending moon cakes, and let them feel the care and warmth of others.

Contributing to social participation in charity

Yu Min pointed out that the members of the Kwun Tong Federation of Industry and Commerce have adhered to the spirit of “taking the society and using the society" and have participated in many charitable activities in the past, including teaming up to participate in the charity million and making donations to help the victims of natural disasters in the Mainland. Germany, Zhaoqing, Shaoguan and Fujian Shaowu donated funds to promote the school, and also sent gifts and Shunde Children’s Welfare Institute. Over the past few years, the Kwun Tong Federation of Industry and Commerce has sponsored the expansion of the joint hospital and has jointly organized a charity golf tournament with the United Christian Hospital to raise more funds for the hospital’s expansion plan. Yu Min said that the association also participated in the “Mid-Autumn Festival" to deliver moon cakes, “Kwun Tong District Cold Winter Warming Companion", “Cell Cancer Dedication", “One Person One Dream" Student Reward Program and “Anti-drug Pioneer Talent Talent" For charitable activities, we have been actively involved in promoting the spirit of “corporate citizenship" for many years, and we are committed to contributing to society and making the world warmer and better.

Lin Tianyi believes that as a member of the business community, the primary responsibility is to run its own business, develop the economy for the society, and seek the well-being of its employees. At the same time, it must make its own contribution to building a harmonious society. He said that Jun Hong has participated in various charitable activities for many years, including selling charity cookies and loving calendars, raising funds for charitable organizations, and printing the “Our Hong Kong" coloring book to give Hong Kong primary schools for new arrivals. School children speed up their understanding of Hong Kong. In addition, he is a volunteer with a different charity event from the company’s employees. This year is the fifth time they have joined the Kwun Tong Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Hong Kong Lin’s Chamber of Commerce and members of the Hong Kong Castle Peak Lions Club to deliver moon cakes.

Also attending the moon cake delivery ceremony were the Guantang Federation of Industry and Commerce Dong Zheng Zhiliang, Liang Jianliu, Hong Haitao, Liu Yajun, Hong Kong Lin’s Chamber of Commerce Honorary President Lin Anni and Hong Kong Green Mountain Lions Club representative Su Zhenhua.

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