Kwun Tong Zhonghai Risheng Center 4 is connected to each sale at 15,000

The middle and high-rise 4 connected units of the Zhonghai Risheng Center of the Class A commercial building in Kwun Tong are now on sale, with a price of about 15,000 yuan

Huang Guoming, senior divisional business director of the Central and South Industrial and Commercial Department, said that there are 4 units in Room D to G, 20th Floor, Zhonghai Risheng Center, 52-56 Junye Street, Kwun Tong. The total area is about 5,948 square feet. 15,000 yuan, involving a total amount of about 89.22 million yuan, can be sold in the form of a trading company. The property is equipped with basic office renovation and has been handed over to the property. According to Huang, the G room belongs to the whole sea view household. As for the E and F rooms, the side sea view is expected.

The owner reduced the price by about 6%

It is known that the unit sold a price of about 16,000 yuan in the middle of this year. It is not clear that the market situation is unclear in recent months. In addition, the property is also rented for about 25 yuan per square foot.

Huang pointed out that the data of Zhongyuan (Industrial and Commercial Shop) shows that at present, the developer Yijing Development still holds some units of Zhonghai Risheng Center for sale, the G-room full sea view households have been sold out, and the E and F room units have small units. In the intention of the price of about 15,700 yuan in the market for sale.

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